To truly make your celebration go with a bang, fireworks are now a must-have addition to your party. For something which provides a high point at your business event, a wide range of fireworks will be sure to create the right impression.

Though with an ever-growing range of fireworks on offer, what should you be looking to go for? Take a look at the five broad categories of fireworks to use at your company celebration. Once you have an understanding of these, it’s simply a job of combining the colours and sounds to create the impact you desire.

1. Rockets

There is an incredible range of rockets available of all kinds of sizes, colours and levels of loudness. For many they make a great finishing piece as they shoot into the sky with the accompanying bangs and whizzes. If you are buying a range of rockets think about where in your display they will be used and choose colours and sizes appropriately. Visual effects that can be produced include Glitter, Aerial, Crackle, Peony and Palm Tree.

2. Mines/Fountains

These stationary fireworks can still have an amazing effect as they glitter and crackle and some even change colour as they burn. Fountains throw out a shower of sparks and depending on the size these can be a beautiful addition to your display. Ideal for those that are slightly more nervous of the big bangs of some fireworks, they can also add a great contrast to some of the louder, showier fireworks. Look out for a variety of mines and fountains such as Fountain, Roman Candle, Glitter, Crackle and Aerial.

3. Sparklers and Wheels

Circular wheels always add a wow factor to a fireworks display, as do the obligatory sparklers that glitter and fizz in your hands. Whether traditional white or multi-coloured; larger for outdoors or smaller for guests inside, sparklers make for a fun hands-on part of a display, whilst the wheels will always captivate a crowd.

4. Single Ignition/Shotcakes

Take the hassle out of planning a display by purchasing one of these. An amalgamation of lots of different fireworks, all lit by a single fuse, these make an ideal choice for a novice organiser. Featuring an amazing array of colours, style and sounds, there is sure to be one that perfectly suits the mood you are trying to achieve at your event. Single shots come in all the colours of the rainbow and with a fantastic range of visual effects that include Aerial Barrage, Willow, Finale and Chrysanthemum.

5. Selection Boxes

For those events that are slightly smaller and low key, perhaps just a selection box or two would suffice. They give you access to a great range of different fireworks and you can plan out a mini-display yourself that meets your exact business requirements.

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