Stag parties are great fun and almost any male out there that has been on one or lucky enough to have attended multiple stag dos will have a wealth of stories to share about their stag party experience. However, there are probably not that many that can boast spending over $1.3 million US dollars on a stag party that includes boats, planes, and mansions.

Well for those of you that would love to have this much money to burn on stag party will have to envy those that have been on an organized stag party that costs any willing participants $1.3 million.

The guys over at Dream girls just happened to stumble across this stag party event on when searching for ideas on for their own stag parties in Wellington New Zealand. After reading about the $1.3 million stag do, they felt it was most certainly worth a mention here on our website.

Happy Reading – it’s most certainly worth reading about this stag party!

For $130,000 per head (10 people min/max) the stag do stretches the course of 10 days and there are 7 destinations involved along the way. What more could a stag do need?

Day 1 – Scotland

In the first day, the lucky stag participants get to play golf, have a Celtic Dinner, drink 18-year-old malt whiskey worth $6,500 and stay the night in a private castle. All the time each stag member will be addressed as “Lord”!

Day 2 – Fly to London on A Private Jet

Sipping away on Champaign the stag does participants get to fly on a private to London from Edinburgh, then first-class tickets are booked to Sin City – Las Vegas where they will stay at the world-renowned Palms Casino Resort in the ugh Heffner Sky Villa suite.

Day 3 – Las Vegas Activities

Nascar racing, diving with sharks, casino games, champagne, high-end meals, and VIP nightclubs are all part of day 3s activities as the jet-lagged stag party only lose 3 hours out of their day by the time they arrive in Las Vegas. Taking off at 10:00 am and arriving at 1:00 pm Vegas time.

Day 4 – Miami

A trip to Miami is next in line with private jets, limousines, luxury Vodka and a night at the Mandarin International Hotel after watching the basketball NBA action in courtside seats.

Days 5 and 6 – Caribbean Cruise

Trips to private islands, plenty of rum wait the stag do party as they board a $5,000,000 luxury yacht. Fishing, island hopping, water sports and more!

Day 7 and 8– Barcelona

It’s back to Europe as the stag party gears itself up for a trip to one Europe’s Catalan city. More nigh clubbing, fine wine, and first-class travel. Also included is a private box at the Barcelona stadium before some VIP nightclubbing to keep the stag do lively.

Day 9 – Road Trip

After the previous night’s VIP clubbing, the lucky stag party goers will be on a road trip from Span to Monaco in France. When there, each member of the party has a €17,000 voucher to play at the tables at the Casino de Monte-Carlo before heading off to their VIP seats in Jimmy’z nightclub.

Day 10 – Back to London

On the last day, everyone returns back to London from France via private jet. Before the stag party ends and everyone parts way after 10 days of exclusive fun, they get to indulge in the world’s most expensive hamburger at Honky Tonk restaurant in London’s Chelsea. The burger costs a whopping $1,400.

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