With the good weather, you do not feel like being locked up at home, right? Instead we have many free hours to fill with activities and sometimes we do not know how…

We have already talked about some outdoor play equipment games that can be played in the summer in the pool , but … what happens if we do not want to dive or do not have a pool nearby? Do not panic! There are a lot of fun games that will make the hours fly.

The blind hen

Who has not ever played this classic game? You only need a handkerchief or a mask and choose a wide area with no slopes to avoid trips. You can play as many children as you want, how many more, better! Choose among all who will make chicken, sell her eyes and the rest of the children that are placed around her, in a circle. The hen should take a few turns on herself and then start walking with her arms outstretched to try to touch one of the players. Once you have caught one you will have to guess who it is by using their hands and touching their hair, arms, face … If you guess the name of the player, will stop being the blind hen and will become the “trapped” player. Otherwise, if you do not guess, you will return to the center and the same process will be repeated.

Sack Race –

Another  world-famous and super-easy game. You will only need a few medium-sized bags or large and sturdy trash bags , and a few meters of travel without obstacles so that children can not be tripped. To play, you must enter inside the bags or bags, grab them by the edge with your hands and reach the finish line as fast as possible by jumping.

Prisoner ball

Make two teams and delimit a field for each of them. The team that has the ball starts and must throw it to  touch a player of the opposing team. If he touches it , that player must go to the bottom of the first field and be his prisoner. If, on the other hand, the player catches the ball in the air , he can throw it quickly against a player of the first team to turn him into his prisoner. Win the team that previously captured all the opponents. But attentive! The prisoners can be released if a ball arrives at the back of the field where they are, retrieve it and touch one of the opposing players by throwing it.

Soap bubbles –

Something simple and that all children love are soap bubbles, but if they are also giants even better, right? The trick so soap bubbles do not explode right away is to add glycerin to the solution. Glycerin can be purchased at the pharmacy and helps the pump retain water and play with them longer. In this article you will discover step by step how to make giant soap bubbles.

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