Copywriting can simply be defined as the act of writing text with the aim of advertising, or using it for some other form of marketing.  The copywriters are responsible for creating content, referred to as copy, which tends to play a role in increasing the overall brand awareness of a business and subsequently persuading people to take a certain action. Michelle Marquez mentions that the copywriters are the specialized professionals, who are responsible for creating catalogs, jingle lyrics, billboards, brochures, sales letters, and newspaper advertisements and so on. They might also be tasked with the duty of writing scripts for radio or television commercials, social media posts, white papers, and other forms of marketing communications.

Michelle Marquez provides an insight on the profession of copywriting

Unlike editorial or news writing, the system of copywriting ideally tends to be all about pursuing the reader to take a certain action. This action might be to engage with a company, service or products, as well as to make a certain purchase. Owing to the nature of their job, copywriters are quite often considered to be “a salesman in print.” Michelle Marquez is essentially a professional copywriter, and hence has quite an extensive wealth of information about this domain. She has worked with may well established companies over the years, and has made a good reputation for herself when it comes to copywriting.  Owing to her experience and expertise, she is quite a good candidate to provide an insight on the domain of copywriting.

Michelle Marquez mentions how copywriters are generally employed by public relations firms, advertising agencies, and other such companies.  In case of advertising agencies, copywriters are typically employed as a part of the creative team present there. They are typically partnered with the art or creative directors belonging to these teams.  In their employment position, these copywriters generally tend to write copies or script for an advertisement based on the brief they get from the client. The art director on the other hand is tasked with the elements relating to the visual aspects of the advertisement.

These professionals might even work for specialized copywriting agencies. Such firms tend to combine the a host of editorial, and other related services that involve the elements of search engine optimization, messaging consulting, copy editing, social media, layout and design, fact checking and so on. These companies usually have large corporations as their clients.

Copywriters might even for book publishers, retail chains and other such enterprises that are required to advertise in a frequent manner. These professionals even might be employed for the purpose of writing advertorials in magazines and newspapers, or for cable providers and broadcasters.  

In the modern world, Michelle Marquez highlights that many copywriters might even work for independent contractors. In this case, they ideally do freelance writing for several clients. They might work at the office of the client, at a coffeehouse or even from home in this case.  With the rapid growth witnessed in the sphere of advertising, the job of copywriters has become quite prominent in the industry.

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