A transcription service is one that converts speech to text. It is of particular importance in the UK where you can convert several official conversations to electronic text. This service is very useful in the fields of medicine, law and businesses. For such transcription purposes, you can search online to catch hold of a suitable company.

The Need of the Hour

A reliable transcription service provider is a choice of clients of various sectors across the UK. For legal transcription services UK people are seeking simple, budget-friendly services giving them maximum benefit. A court-ready legal transcription is one which does not need any editing. We can directly produce it to the government officials, the legal professionals, and the attorneys at the court. The requirement of such transcription services is such that they should be acceptable to the legal standards. The need of the hour is for transcribers who are specialists in this field and can give customers a high level of satisfaction.

Types of Transcription Services

When it comes to legal transcription services UK, residents need to meet the unique needs of various legal departments. These include investigative interview reports, police proceedings, attorney inquests, etc. 

Most commonly used transcription services are Audio and Video Transcription and In-Person transcription. The former deals with the creation of precise transcripts from an audio or video clip. The client provides the clip, and the transcription personnel is in charge of converting the speech to text. The latter involves the physical presence of transcribers inside the meeting premises. They listen to the interaction of the people in a meeting and transcribe it in real-time. After their work is complete, they edit the document to make it error-free and hand it over to the client.

Verbatim Transcription

Sometimes for legal transcription services UK, clients require a verbatim transcription. This process incorporates all breaks in a speech like expressions, coughs, pauses, unfinished sentences, and stammers. With skilled transcribers and high-quality transcription service, we can include or omit the catchphrases and pen down the speaking style of an individual. 

Legal Transcription Services with Security

Legal work is highly confidential. We want 100% security and privacy to our works. That’s why some companies send transcripts through their secure portal. The content remains encrypted until the client views it. It helps to prevent hackers from snooping in and meddling with the content midway. The company deletes all files, video clips, and imagery data used to prepare the transcript after the project is complete.

Charges for Legal Transcription Services

For a high competition in the market, the pricing of transcription services should be fair. Several transcription services are available in the UK, and you can choose the one you prefer. They have the reliance of people for providing them with a cost-effective and useful transcription solution. Most companies provide a first-time trial version for free so that users can analyse if they like the work or not. Some companies charge based on per minute. Hour-Long audio, at £1.20 per minute, will cost £72 plus taxes. If this takes 5 hours to finish the transcription, the price for the same is £20 per hour.

In short, sing specific legal templates, you can have peace of mind that you won’t need to duplicate our efforts by re-presenting our legal transcription in another format.

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