Yes, IVF Process Cost in India is highly cost-effective. If you plan your sterility treatment even in the best treatment centres in India, then to you can save approximately 40-50 % of your expenses in any other country. 

However, the price for the IVF procedure is not fixed. It varies depending on various factors, causes and symptoms of infertility in the patient and much more. The starting cost of the IVF procedure for the patients below the age of 35 years is USD 4,000, although the cost of treatment can go as high as USD 86,350.  

Age of the female partner is one of the most prominent factors determining the cost of treatment. Still, the savings are high. E.g., if we compare it with the expenses of IVF in the US, the value of one IVF cycle in the US equals to eight cycles of IVF in India or even more. The IVF treatment in the US for patient below 35 years of age starts at USD 33,800.

What are the factors other than age that affect the cost of IVF?

IVF is not a single procedure or surgery. It is a series or chain of proceedings that completes the treatment. So, the overall cost of IVF varies. For some the process is completed within the first cycle, and the expenses are low while for others, it requires multiple cycles of IVF to get the cure.  Some of the common factors affecting the cost of treatment are:

  • Laboratory Tests:

It is essential to analyse the cause before beginning the procedure. The tests are performed on both the partners. It does not involve one test, but several tests are required for the analysis. For men, sperm tests and for women the diagnosis procedure varies as per the results and the medical condition. Depending on the number of tests, the cost also varies.

  • Medication:

The fertility drugs and medicines are prescribed by the doctor and not provided by the medical professional. So, the cost of medicines varies depending on the pharmacy and also the state you choose for your treatment.

  • Egg Retrieval:

Egg retrieval is one of the most complicated parts of IVF, so if your condition requires egg retrieval, then the cost of treatment automatically increases.

  • Storage of Embryo:

Before the completion of treatment and confirmation of pregnancy, it is impossible to analyse if the result of the procedure is positive or negative. In case, the patient produces the additional number of embryos than required; the doctor stores or freezes the extra embryos. The storage of embryos is a different process, and its cost is not included in the price of IVF. These embryos are helpful in future if the first IVF cycle is not a success. 

There can be other factors, too, that makes a difference in the price of treatment. 

Final Words:

IVF is an expensive procedure, but the IVF Treatment Price in India is affordable. So, do not avoid undergoing the treatment because of the expenses. Instead, plan your medical tourism to India and get the immediate cure of your medical issue. 

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