It is hard for a parent to really have a cargo like a child with special needs. Not only it can take some time from you, the special care can be daunting and draining too. It can also create a lot of problems like financial and emotional especially the caring could cause anxiety and stress to soar to unprecedented heights. For a parent nothing is as crushing as learning how autism can bring change not only with the child but also the entire family. But this is not the time to bail out on your child. Children that are suffering from autism need the extra care and support. The good thing about this situation is that it is something that can be mitigated through therapy and treatments.

What is autism?

Understanding autism is the first step in order to know what to do and to know the ways to make it easy both the parents and the child. Autism is among a myriad of mental disorders that often appear in infancy to early childhood. The disorder causes a delay in the development of certain areas of the child. There is a marked delay in the ability to talk, play and even to have meaningful social interaction. There is still a wide debate in regards with the cause of autism among experts. There is even a greater debate on how to treat the disorder. But almost everyone agrees that early intervention can help mitigate the problems that may cause autism to be a burden to children and parents. Sometimes it takes that to make a significant difference.

What to do?

Parents are the best people to find out if the child is affected with autism. As a parent you are the only person in the world that knows a lot about your child. A pediatrician may not able to catch the symptoms of autism during a quick visit. That is why it is important that you understand and arm yourself with the basic things about this disorder. It would also help if you browse through the internet for additional info and further knowledge about autism.

What are the symptoms?

If the child is not making a lot of eye contact then there should be a problem. If you smile at the child and he or she does not respond then it is also something that you should be concerned. If the child is not using gestures to communicate or does not respond to the sounds or his or her name then it could be a sign that the child is suffering from autism. A child should be able to reach out when they are being picked up and should be able to respond to cuddling. A child that doesn’t ask for help and ask for something then it should be a cause for concern for a parent already.

Is it caused genetically?

There are reasons scientists believe that autism can be caused by genetic reasons. Recent studies show that environmental factors are also important risk factors as genetics in bringing about autism in children. The most important thing to note is that the environment factor often takes to account the prenatal environment. The age of the mother, the complications at birth, medications during pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, exposure to pollutants and infections can increase the risk of autism in children.

What steps to take?

It is best to have an autism screening and see a developmental specialist. There are tools that can help determine if the child is indeed suffering from autism. Early intervention is important since it can help mitigate the disadvantages of the delay in the development. Not to mention the fact that it can also help make the problem less complicated to treat.

Is attachment helpful?

Attachment to your child as the primary caregiver can help the child overcome developmental challenges. You need not to wait for an official confirmation before you intervene in the slow development of the child. Work well with the delays by increasing the bond through strengthening the attachment which you as a parent shares with your offspring. Of course, you also need to look for tools that will help make it easier for you to understand your child’s unique way of responding to you.

Trust your instincts when it tells you that there is something wrong with the child. Maintaining a wait-and-see approach to the problem may cause a lot of damage. When you are doing this you risk losing the opportunity to have your child get the treatment he or she deserves to mitigate the effects of autism. When the child is developing slowly than usual it is best to have it checked right away. Always keep a close eye on the physical, emotional and social development of the child. The effective way to treat this disease give a healthy diet to your children so they will recover from this disorder.

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