Credit cards have been a crucial part of the increasing financial growth witnessed by people all over the world. Now someone can carry around their live savings in the form of a card with a magnetic trip. Most people cannot comprehend the amount of change that has happened since the gold standard days and the thing is that this will continue to grow in this direction. Some credit cards can give people more back compared to other cards. More cash back, more points, and in the end more return.

To find the perfect card that will fit someone needs there needs to be more consideration for the person, than the card. One of the questions that you want to answer for yourself is if you want cash back or if you would rather have points that are redeemed for something. Having cash back is great if what the points can get you are not worth as much. One prime example of this is business men who travel and those who do not. People who travel more will consider having a card that can transfer into points which can then be redeemed for plane tickets. Someone who does not travel as much will not use these points enough to consider it a good return.

One other point that needs some thought is the type of product that you purchase the most. While some people might buy grocery all the time with their card, on the other side someone might be just using it for travel expenses such as gas. Credit cards give less return on some compared to the other, most credit cards will give a better return on gas and less of a return on groceries. Choosing the one that will fit your lifestyle will give you the most return.
Here are just some credit cards that give the most return for their respective category.

Travel Expenses

Someone who tends to travel a lot and spend a few nights in hotels would greatly appreciate the benefits of the Barclay card. It gives the most return for the amount of money you spend and this can then be used as points towards just about any airline.

One top of this if you mainly use planes as your main method of transportation, check out several airlines that give out their own specific credit cards. Delta Sky miles is a card that might just fit your need perfectly; on top of that it is a American Express card which makes it that much more reliable. This is just a of the tip of the iceberg. Check out all the other airlines as many of them provide such offers.

Cash Back

Have a thing for green? Well then the Capital One Quicksilver is probably the best for this situation. They provide 1.5% cash back on every purchase made on the card. While some cards might make you hit a certain benchmark before you can actually get the cash. This card does not limit that as your cash will never expire.

Another great card to use, especially for students, is the Discover it card for students. This card has no annual fees, no over limit fee and no late fee on the first late payment. With this sort of flexibility students have the room to mess up and still be okay.

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