The stag nights are a long-tradition going-on for ages, even well before the Roman Empire. The stag parties are perhaps the last opportunity for a woman to enjoy her last day of the bachelor life, a day when she can get a little flirtatious and party wild. From Europe to the Australian continent, this bachelor fun is celebrated prior to the D-Day in several parts of the world.

Worried about the stag party? unable to strike upon crazy ideas for unlimited and unforgettable memories? Don’t worry, we are here to guide you with some amazing recommendations you can pick to have a perfect night.

Work Up A Sweat, An Aerobic Session

Sometimes the stag night doesn’t necessarily have to be correlated with alcohol, what about making it healthy by having an aerobic session with your college pals. Each on in your girl group won’t mind burning calories before the party time. You can either organise the event at your backyard or a book a hall at a local aerobic centre where your group will have a trainer to guide you.

Book a Party Limo or a Bus to Travel The City            

Want to take your stag party out of the closet of party halls or backyards, and then hire a stretch limo for an entire day to explore the city like never before. Limos are great fun to travel to different places in style. You can plan a number of activities for the day, like having lunch at a Japanese restaurant, evening at the Church and ending the day at the disc, there is so much to do.

Call Strippers For Some Wild Fun

Well, if you are on for something wild, a little bold, then contact professional such as strippers to add more fun to your night. They will add a whole new dimension to your stag party, spicing it with their glamour; you bachelor girls will just going to love this. This is something activity that will get the adrenaline racing and heart pumping.

Bachelorette Wine Tasting Evening

No stag night is complete without savouring the taste buds with some of the finest wine treats. What about setting up a wine tasting bar at your place, offering the best Margaritas, the Mimosas or the Marys? The wine tastes best with scrumptious, crispy snacks, so you can hire a catering company for that.

A Cooking Class

Well, it doesn’t have the booze, but promise memories for a lifetime. Book a private cooking class, and bring about the chef in before starting your responsible, family life. Find a company that will send a qualified chef to your place for the cooking lessons. The cooking challenge can also be organised among your best chums.

Scavenger Hunt

Have a traditional bachelor scavenger hunt where one has to do a multifold of outrageous tasks. Make it a little naughty and baffling for everyone, to make sure amazing fun and enthralling excitement.

Besides these, several other popular ideas include a lingerie bachelorette party, casino night, the hangover theme, Barbie party, and the list is truly endless.      

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