In case of any outdoor event the first and the foremost thing that one must think about is what type of tent to select. These days, one can select from a wide variety of tents ranging from the simple pole tent to the more sophisticated beach or tropical style tent. The choice of tent depends on various factors like the space available, budget for the party, theme of the event and taste and preferences of the host.

Among the wide range of tents that are available today, Marquee tent is one of them. Marquee hire in essex is an easy solution for those people who are looking forward to host outdoor parties.

Reason behind the rising popularity of marquee:

These tents are a cross between the pole tents and the frame tents. The pole tents, being supported by pole and wires, look quite pretty and elegant but they have a disadvantage. As the pole needs to be dug into the ground, these tents cannot be set up on hard or concrete surfaces. However, the frame tents help to overcome this problem as they are supported by frames that can be visible from inside the tent. These frame tents are less pretty than pole tents. Therefore the marquee tents, containing the features of both these tents, provide the user the best of both worlds.

Guidelines for selecting the perfect marquee

There are wide varieties of marquee tent available that differ in size, material, colour etc. The task of choosing the best suitable marquee can be confusing. One may consider these points before hiring the marquee for their party:

  • The space available for the party and the number of people invited to the party are the most important things that need to think before selecting the tent. Even if one particular marquee seems very appealing one must hire it only after making sure that it can comfortably accommodate the number of guests invited.
  • The kind of marquee depends of the theme of the party as well. For the more elegant look one may go for the traditional marquee which has inner pole along with curved top which adds to the visual appeal of the event.
  • For a more modern look one may select frame marquee. These are held up by the aluminium frame around the perimeter. These tents can be put up hard surface like concrete as well as on sand for beach parties. They are strong enough to withstand high velocity of wind and rough weather conditions.
  • Another important factor is the budget of the organiser. The budget must be fixed well in advance and the marquee must be booked accordingly.
  • Marquee hire in essex provides tents in different materials. If one wants to organise the party under the stars but wants protection from the elements of nature like the rain and the wind one must opt for the clear transparent material.

Thus it can be said that marquee tents are suitable for all types of events including parties, corporate gatherings, wedding, birthday etc. These tents are flexible and can be joined with each other to make an enlarged structure. Marquee hire in essex is the best suitable option for renting tents for any formal or social event.

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