Rock crushers are an integral part of the construction and heavy metal and mining industries. There is always the requirement of the rock crushers when it comes to build road between the hills or mountains or to mine the heavy metals out of the bolder and the rocks. But every machine has its own life with wear and tear being a regular thing due to the use of the machine. For the better and extended performance of the rock crushers you have to maintain it properly and since it is a huge investment, so you need to take utmost care of the Sandvik rock crusher so that your money doesn’t get wasted. It is though a normal thing that you need to maintain the machines but for the rock crushers, you need to take little extra care. So, get a plan and start executing it to make your rock crushing experience more productive. Here are some tips that you can follow to do the same.

  1. Be informed about the limitations: Each and every machine has some or the other constraints and that are pretty normal. What you need to do to protect your machine is to know about those constraints so that you don’t exploit it and ruin the machine. Three things you need to take care and they are the horsepower of the machine, volume and the crushing force of the machine.
  2. Get familiarised with the maintenance requirements: there are normally three kinds of maintenance that you need to know and get aware off for the longer life of your Sandvik rock crusher. Firstly, you need to know about the preventive requirements which is taking care of the parts and components of the machine and to check anything is creating any problem or not. If needed, then you have to change the worn out parts or the parts which have become inefficient. Then comes the number of the predictive requirements which includes knowing about the performance of the rock crusher and there are tools for maintaining the same. Lastly, you must be aware of the reactive maintenance which means you must not just leave the machine’s part until it is completely worn out, you have to change them or repair beforehand to maintain the machine in its good shape.
  3. Understand the issue from the root: If the rock crusher is creating some problem, you need to understand the same from the very beginning so that you can rectify or repair the same in the correct manner. There are loads of things that are needed to be known if your machine is giving you trouble. It is normally done with data gathering about the machine productivity, understating the knowledge of the operator and his skills and how he operates it etc.
  4. Train your employees and operator: If you properly train your employees and make them understand the functionality of the machine, then they can themselves operate them properly and also take required care.

To make your rock crushing business more productive, you need to take care of your Sandvik rock crusher and by doing so you can gain a lot of extra maintenance charges and breakdown of machines and man hour loss.

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