If you are a Muay Thai enthusiast or even a beginner looking to advance your skills, you may wish to learn where to train at the best Muay Thai spots. Training programs will differ from one destination to the next. It also depends on who is running the program and whether you have access to highly skilled and professional trainers in the industry. Thailand is the certainly the greatest destination for performing Muay Thai. It is also the birthplace of the competitive combat sport. If you are prepared to give it your all, we look at the best places for Muay Thai training.

The City

Major city life including the hustle and bustle of local entertainment, restaurants and malls can make for a distracting lifestyle. With the option of training Muay Thai in major modern regions, you can escape the fast-paced lifestyle and release much stress and pressure. You will also find that many of the gyms in the cities are of the finest quality. From the best training equipment and high paid instructors to spacious workout areas, showers and steam rooms you will certainly enjoy your workout routines. After some hard practice sessions, you can experience the local market foods and the night life in the city.

Make the Right Travel Arrangements

It is easier to reach your training gym in the city because of the widely available public transport. Modern transportation is linked to mobile applications. Simply connect with the necessary transport service and you can reach various destinations in the city in no time. Whether a cab, bus or a train, the various options for transportation can help you reach your destination with ease, efficiency and safety.

The Country

Escape the noise and the densely populated city life with training on an exotic island or an impressive gym outside of the fast pace of the city. Here you will find that professional trainers provide each of their client’s individual attention. Training also incorporates much of the prominent culture and natural surrounds. In Thailand, most of the warm-up sessions are conducted outdoors along the beach. Members can invest in intense routines while enjoying plenty of the beautiful surrounds including the exotic weather.

The Benefits of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport with many traditional roots. Today it is incorporated into training for all interested in achieving good health and fitness. Classes are held during the week and on the weekend. Most sparring events happen on a Saturday between skilled and professional Muay Thai fighters.

Muay Thai in Thailand at Phuket island 

Muay Thai in Thailand is practiced at a professionally run training camp. Phuket island is big island. With Thailand being the best destination to develop skill and learn Muay Thai, planning your travel to the beautiful country is well worth the time, the cost and the effort. Experienced and skilled instructors work with a group of Muay Thai students with similar levels of skill at a training camp.  From footwork to sharpening your technique, you receive the ultimate Muay Thai experience. Traveling to Thailand to improve your health, athleticism and competitiveness will help you achieve these goals and more.

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