If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town, you’ll no doubt have been wracking your brains trying to think of the best places to find those luxury villas Cape Town.  It can be difficult to know where to look, especially when you’ve got something specific in mind.

If you’ve been looking for luxury villas Cape Town while you are on a trip to Cape Town , you’ll probably have been frustrated with the flagrant display of false advertising, with a number of companies advertising luxury villas Cape Town

Specializing in providing their clients with luxury villas there are so many Cape Town based companies who pride themselves on their ability to make those holidays away some of the most relaxing and rewarding of breaks.


There are a number of luxury villas in Cape Town, the luxury villas from different companies really fit to be classes as ‘luxury’.  No matter whereabouts you’re looking to spend your time, Manhattan Lofts have villas all around the city.

Some of the luxury villas Cape Town based companies offer include the Elixir Camps Bay villa.  An elegant mix of both Greek and Spanish Ibizan architecture, this villa boasts 4 great sized bedrooms with 3 bathrooms and 2 en suites.  With under-floor heating, heated towel rails and a fantastic ocean view you can stop your search for luxury villas Cape Town now.

As well as their luxury villas companies also have a great selection of New York-style apartments available.  Great places to spend your time in Cape Town, these apartments offer a unique perspective, towering over the city.

When you are travelling to Cape Town and wants to find out more about the luxury villas Cape Town visit different websites online and make sure you find the accommodation you’ve been looking for with excellent choice of luxury villas Cape Town ready to see you enjoy that holiday away.

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