One of the finest places in the Lake District of England is Windermere. It has almost everything to make your vacation perfect. Windermere provides the beauty of wonderful nature around, meadows, lakes, fine gift shops and amazing places to see. There are many places for children’s attraction and adventure lovers. So you see, Windermere is a wonderful place that can make you fall for it.

But before you visit Windermere you need to know about the various places of interest, accommodation facility, food and other important aspects.

Necessary Things To Know


The Lake region is very well connected to the major regions in England and other parts of UK. Therefore it is very easily accessible and throughout the years tourists visit.

Shop And Dine

There are varieties of gift shops, craft shops and small to luxurious restaurants. You can find cafes and cosy dining area in the streets of Windermere. Imagine the beauty of nature’s bliss, setting sun and a great evening snack in an open-air cafe. Apart from cafes, you can find lots of gourmet pubs that give authentic food and drinks that are all locally made. If you are looking for fine dining restaurants make sure you visit Lynth and Winster Valley.

Accommodation Type

Windermere has something for every type of budget. You can find a suitable place for you even if you are in a tight budget. It is a place in the Lake District that is famous for vacation rentals. From stunning bungalows to log cabins and cottages, Windermere offers a range of accommodation options for every needs and preference. For luxury accommodations Windermere has no less of elegant hotels with great facilities such as spa, executive suites and lots more. You can book a bed-n-breakfast place or an adventure camp tents if you are a backpacker and wants to stay close to nature.

Must Visit Places

If you are wondering what to see in the Windermere region except for nature, then you must know that this place will never bore you. Start with exploring the nearby region where you will find people enjoying water sports, sailing in the lakes. Many just prefer to relax in the quiet atmosphere of this lake area. You can plan for a cruise journey or go for paragliding or rock climbing. The lakeside views are mesmerising and are amazing for photographers. There are several viewpoints in this region that offers breathtaking views of the lakes and mountains.

Other important places that cannot be missed are:


This outstanding house of arts and crafts has some of the fines collection of decorative arts, beautiful furniture and fascinating objects that are inspired by nature.

Stott Park

This is an English Heritage mill that is still fully operational and earlier it used to supply for the spinning and weaving industry.

Graythwaite Hall Gardens

To the west side of Windermere, this garden is a place of delight. And if you are visiting Windermere in spring, you must find time for this garden.

Holehird Gardens

This garden is maintained by the Lakeland Horticultural Society and is spread across ten acres of land. To see a wonderful specimen of shrubs and herbs, this place is a must visit.

Windermere vacation will be a memory of a lifetime. So start packing your bag.

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