If you live in the UK, Rome is a great holiday destination. You can fly there from most parts of the UK. The flight time is short at only 2hrs 30 minutes.Rome airport is connected to the city centre by coach and train. Trains run around the clock and the journey into the very centre of Rome only takes 30 minutes. By taxi, outside of rush hour, it is a 20-minute drive.

This means that Rome is ideal for a weekend break. However, its great transport links also mean that it is also a good base for exploring other parts of Italy. Rome’s main train station is the biggest in Europe. From there you can quickly Travel to Florence, Vienna, Naples and many other beautiful Roman cities.

What to See in Rome

However, there is plenty to do and see in Rome itself. It is a great city for the arts and culture. Most people visit The Vatican, the Coliseum, Palatine Hill, the Capitolini Museums, Borghese Gallery and the National Museum of Castel St. Angelo. These are all beautiful and interesting historic sites, and are all well worth visiting.

However, not everyone wants to see buildings, artifacts or artwork some people want to experience a slice of Roman life. Fortunately, Rome is not just a tourist city, so it is possible to do this.

The city has several beautiful parks you can sit in and watch the world go by in or enjoy a walk or bike ride through. Rome is full of beautiful squares with bars and restaurants facing onto them. The food in Rome is good and there is plenty of choices. Bar Nicci in the Pigneto district is a particularly atmospheric bar. Rome really comes alive in the evening and there are some great nightclubs. Many of them are located on Piazza Navona and Via Della Pace.

Unusual Things to do in Rome

There are plenty of unusual things to do and see in Rome. You can even train as a gladiator at the Colosseum, take a ghost walk, or if you are not easily shocked to visit some of Rome’s crypts and catacombs. It is even possible to enjoy a meal 150 feet above the city at Dinner in the Sky.

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