Few animals can claim to leave greater footprints on the surface of the Earth or depths of our hearts than can elephants. These gentle giants are among the most beloved creatures in the world, extremely intelligent, lovable and kind, able to forge their own societies and simultaneously interact and form bonds with humans, and all while looking absolutely adorable. For visitors to Thailand, especially tropical regions such as Phuket, the chance to meet and commune with elephants is and long has been one of the biggest draws. National authorities have taken great steps to help conserve and protect these peaceful titans, while local elephant sanctuaries, such as those in Phuket, have done a great job of setting up safe and ethical places in which to visit elephants.

Part of the proceeds from these places help go towards continuing to fund these elephant sanctuaries, meaning that a visit isn’t just an incredible way for you to spend part of your holiday or business trip. It is also a great way to help elephants in Thailand remain in these peaceful, well-protected sanctuaries.

When visiting one of these elephant sanctuaries, you’ll be able to partake in a wide range of different elephant-related activities.

  1. Walking with Elephants

One of the best things about these elephant sanctuaries is that they aren’t artificial, but rather carved out of the natural habitat for Thailand’s native elephant population. As such, walking with elephants means waking with them through the very jungles they normally call home, and for which Thailand is rightfully famous. If you’ve always wanted to see elephants and go on a jungle adventure, this is a great opportunity to do both at the same time.

  1. Mud Bathing with Elephants

Looking to unwind during your visit with the elephants? Mud bathing is a relaxation treat both elephants and humans enjoy, and many of the best sanctuaries for elephants in Phuket and throughout Thailand offer mud bathing times along with the elephants. 

  1. Swimming with Elephants

Then again, maybe you’re more interested in going swimming with elephants in Phuket instead. This, too, is allowed under the careful supervision of the elephant caretakers, as you and the elephants will be able to swim together in one of Phuket’s gorgeous lake areas.

  1. Eating with Elephants

Elephants enjoy a nice, hearty meal as well as anyone, so why not enjoy one with them? The best elephant sanctuaries offer breakfasts and lunches which feature soups, salads, and other forms of traditional Thai cuisine which you can eat alongside the elephants. 

  1. Photos with Elephants

Few things get people more excited than the prospect of being able to take a photo with the elephants at these sanctuaries. For many, it is one of the biggest draws factoring into making the visit. With the elephant caretakers keeping a careful eye on things for the elephant’s protection and even helping take the pictures, you can get an incredible picture of yourself alongside your new elephant friends.

Enjoy an experience like none other at a fine elephant sanctuary in Phuket.

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