The world is packed with responsibilities, office deadlines, family issues and so much of work. Amidst it all, you should take some time off for your pleasure and leisure too. Whatis the point if you are always working, working, and working? Are you really making some special moments to cherish in the future? Are you going on tours and holidays with your family, friends and dear ones? If not, then you have to give it a thought.

You can explore different corners of India through simple packages. For example, you can grab a Tirupati Madurai Rameshwaram Kanyakumari tour package and explore everything that falls within its realm. There are so many tourist attractions and destinations that will fill you with enjoyment, enlightenment and of course pleasure.


Talking about Rameswaram, it is located in the Gulf of Mannar. It is at thetip of Indian peninsula.  Along with Varanasi, it is believed to be one of the most Sacred places in India. It is also a part of the Char Dham pilgrimage. The Ramanathaswamy Temple that is devoted to the Hindu god Shiva is snuggled at the centre of the town. It is   closely linked with Rama. Butthe temple and the town are consideredholy pilgrimage place for Shaivites and Vaishnavites.

You will be surprised to know that this spiritual place is situated on a gorgeous island. It is separated by a tiny Pamban channel from Sri Lanka. As per the Hindu mythology, this is the spot wherein Lord Rama formed a bridge across the sea to the place Sri Lanka.  Lord Shiva is worshipped in this place with utmost grandeur and admiration. Well- known for its superb prakaras with huge sculptured pillars on either side, Ramanathaswamy Temple encompasses the longest corridor in the entire world. Agniteertham is well-recognized for its holy waters and the Pilgrims carry out Poojas in honour of their ancestors at this coastline.  Similarly the five-Faced Hanuman Temple here holds the floating stone that was used to construct the bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

There are plenty of things that you can do at this place. Rameswaram has many spots for you to explore like Rameshwaram Temple, Agnitheertham, Dhanushkodi Temple and Beach, Glass boat ride at Pamban Bridge, Anna Indira Gandhi Road Bridge, The Five-faced Hanuman Temple and much more. These places will leave you enchanted by their spirituality, artistic charm and beauty.


Located at the tip of Indian Peninsula, Kanyakumari is the southernmost edge of mainland India. Kanyakumari is snuggled near the Western Ghats and surrounded by the Laccadive or Lakshadweep Sea at southwest, southeast and also south of city. Kanyakumari has always been one of the chief hubsof arts, culture and spirituality since the ancient eras. The beaches in this city are also the only beaches in the entire world wherein you can experience both the sunrise and sunset. The numerous temples in this gorgeous city of Tamil Nadu are visited by thousands of pilgrims and the primeval beaches arrest a large number of tourists to this city. Below are a few places of this city that will catch your eye and heart both in no time!

  • Talking about Kanyakumari Temple, it is also referred to as Bhagvaty Amman Temple. It is one of the one hundred eight Shakti Peethasin Hindu mythology. This temple is one of the chief Hindu temples across India and is stated in almost all the antique Hindu scriptures.

This shrine is visited by thousands of pilgrims every single year and the architecture of this temple is also strange and engaging.

  • Suchindrum is another amazing destination that attracts a great number of tourists.  It is a temple town and is situated eleven kilometresfrom Kanyakumari. The temples at this place are constructed in the distinguishing Dravidian chic and are admired with huge gopuramsthat are a common feature of all the Dravidian temples. The topmost gopuram is 134 feet high and the interiors of the temples possess numerous exquisite rock cut pillars and also the gateways.
  • Then this Vivekananda Rock Memorial is one of the most iconic monuments in Kanyakumari. It is situated 100 meters from shore and is one of the chief tourist fascinations in Kanyakumari. This tiny rock island can be reached through a ferry and it possessestwo chief structures. The Vivekananda Mandapamand ShripadaMandapam are the two chief complexes of this memorial. You can find a great footfall at this place throughout the year.
  • This Thiruvalluvar Statue is something that you should not miss. The massive one hundred thirty three feet tall statue is of Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar, who was believed to be one of the greatest Tamil poets in India. ThisThiruvalluvar Statue is one of the tallest in Asia and was revealed on the 1st of January 2000. The pedestal of this mesmeric statue is inventively designed and is ornamented with 10 elephants that signify the diverse directions.
  • Sanguthurai Beach is one of the most usual yet cleanest beaches that you must go to in Kanyakumari. This Beach is situated in the southernmost part of Indiaand you can experience the fierce power of the great Indian Ocean there. Not just this,   Sanguthurai Beach is also a pretty peaceful place having white sand beaches that sets an ideal background to coastline. The place will also give you the delight to capture some amazing shots. The cool breeze and the beautiful environment can set the stage for your perfect talks. If you are with your family, you can carry out a small picnic at this place. The moments spent at this beach can be relished throughout your life.


So, the bottom line is that you have to carve out some time for your pleasure and delight. These were some of the amazing sites that you can explore. Of course, India has so much for you to experience and explore. Just find out something like Madurai RameshwaramKanyakumari tour package and the package is going to organize everything for you.

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