There is an organization or sector which is under the Canadian government which holds the responsibilities of immigrants. This department is known by abbreviated name IRCC which means immigration refugees and citizenship Canada. This department got its existence in year 1994.

IRCC has to keep check on the immigrants and refugees coming in Canada to stay. They ensure and check the eligiblity of those people and according to that points are assigned to them and if their points matches the evaluation criteria of IRCC then they are allowed to get visa or to stay and get citizenship of Canada.

This department is responsible for:

  • Citizenship of the people coming in Canada.
  • Immigration from other countries.
  • Refugees residing in Canada.

Canada pr points calculator

To check and evaluate the immigrants coming to Canada, an act has been made named as Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Act has rules and regulations, which categorize the immigrants in following class:

  • Economic class
  • Family class
  • Refugees
  • Immigrants needing protection

 According to the derived classes there is derived a procedure of selection which is followed. Canada immigration points calculator is a procedure which is based on points system. The immigrant or the applicant must secure minimum of sixty seven points out of total of one hundred points on the selection grid criteria.

The basis of assigning points by Canada immigration point’s calculator is done by evaluating following criterias:

  • Education of the applicant is to be checked on which points are to be assigned.
  • Languages which an applicant knows to read, write and speak in.
  • Applicant’s experience is also evaluated.
  • Age of the applicant
  • Employment details of the applicant.
  • Qualities of adapdability of an applicant.

Immigration system is all administered under the Canada Border Services Agency and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Canada immigration points calculators eligibility evaluation process

You need to be a full time permanent employee or working full time under any Canadian company or organization. You must have 1 year full time experience or euivalent part time job.

There are six selection criteria on which points are assigned by Canada pr points calculator:

  • Points on Education basis:

Twenty five points can be earned by the applicant if he has Masters Degree or PhD.and thye lowest poits which are provided is to the one who has just qualified high school. He is given five points.

  • Points on Language evaluation:

The person who is proficient in both the langiuages which are official in Canada gets maximum score of twenty four points. In this evaluation process both written and oral test are to be attented and according to the respective performance the points are assigned.

  • Experience:

Maximum score which can be obtained from experience is twenty one. Minimum fifteen points can be obtained if applicant has one year experience.

  • Age:

Ten points is scured by the applicant if he is in the age 21 to 49.and if they are not in this range they loose two points for each year.

  • Arranged employment:

Ten points are avoided to the applicant for permanent job under verification of Human Resourses and Skills Development Canada.

  • Adaptability:

If applicant has spouse work or any relation in Canada gets ten marks under this evaluation criteria.

 And when all evaluation is done if the total score is above 67 out of hundred the application is confirmed otherwise not.

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