A forklift might be one of the most important tools in your business. They are the unsung heroes of industry and are the only way to bear larger loads with safety. They add the important element of mobility into a warehouse and improve the functionality of a warehouse space in a very profound way.

Using forklifts carries an element of risk. They are obviously very heavy, and if they topple they could cause very serious injury. With this in mind, they should only be driven by suitably trained individuals, the HSE take breaches of forklift safety very seriously.

Forklifts trucks are expensive bits of kit. If you’re a smaller business that uses a warehouse, maybe you’re an e-commerce business, then you’ll need to use a forklift for the reasons mentioned above. You can limit the cost you spend on buying forklifts by opting for used forklift trucks rather than brand new models, which also have other benefits.

A broken in forklift will not only be tried and tested, so you have some idea that it’s fit for the job in hand. Also, you might find that sharp edges are somewhat tempered, and that controls are well calibrated etc.

Although forklift technology does evolve, slightly older models are still more than capable of bearing large loads in a warehouse environment. If you want to save money, then you can opt for a used vehicle, ensuring your drivers are suitably trained to drive it.

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