There are all sorts of advantages with wood burning stoves. Their carbon neutrality, the effectiveness of their heat distribution, their efficiency. One of the possible drawbacks of a stove is that over time detritus can build up, and your stove may need to be serviced or maintained by yourself.

A qualified engineer should service your stove. This can be done on an annual basis, and will be a comprehensive clean, stripping and cleaning of the stove; however, you can also clean your stove yourself, perhaps not as comprehensively but at least so that your stove looks great and performs without any problems.

In summer obviously you’re unlikely to use your stove . So at the end of the summer/autumn period your stove might be due a good clean. If your stove has recently been used then obviously you should only clean it once it’s cooled down completely.

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Contemporary wood burning stoves are relatively easy to clean. You should start by removing all the internal parts and cleaning then separately. You can clean the internal part of your unit using a vacuum cleaner. As you clean the internal and separate parts of your stove you should check for damage as you go.

Sooty glass is the result of using moist firewood, of lighting the fire incorrectly or bad draught in the flue. One of the oldest tricks for cleaning the glass window is to use the ashes from the wood burning stove. Dip a moist cloth in the cold ashes and rub the soot off the glass. Many wood burning stove companies also make special products for cleaning the wood burning stoves.

It can be a really good idea to empty the ash pan and the firebox completely. But remember that in the winter a layer of ashes in wood burning stove makes it easier to light a fire because it insulates.

You can find lots more advice about cleaning wood burning stoves online. You can also find lots of spare parts, and get in touch with a qualified engineer if you feel that your stove needs repair or service.  With these tips, you can make home improvements as well as make your home pollution free.

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