There is no doubt that several small to large companies and business enterprises make use of Oracle database to store and maintain the data. Since core business applications run on Oracle database or installations, it is important to consider the flexibility of data migration. Companies those who are in need of migrating the database strategies may look for trusted IT companies. Data migration is one of the important processes and it is made so professional and perfect by the trusted IT companies of Journal Square. Here are some of the important factors about data migration.

Consider the complexities

Whether you move from older version of Oracle to the latest version or migration from a unique legacy database, there are complexities involved in the moving the data from one server to other. Hence you should get the service of experienced migration expert to get the job done in and perfect and professional way. Oracle golden gate migration in Journal Square services from experts is well said by most of the businesses owner for the data migration task.

Need for data migration

With the increase in business, every business owner will look for a better or updated database to add efficiency of data storage and management. Hence data migration enjoys much importance and popularity in the IT world. Oracle Golden Gate is an ever best solution to migrate the data from one platform to another platform quickly without any hard efforts and downtime issues.

Different phases of migration

There are different phases of Oracle data migration from one platform to another. It includes deploying of Oracle golden gate, online cloning of production database, migration, upgrading, application regression testing, synchronizing the target database and data verification.

Get professional service

It is really a good idea to depend on trusted IT partner who is licensed to make use of the Oracle database and related products. They can help you in easy data migration using Golden Gate. They can easily deploy Oracle golden gate to your existing system to migrate the entire data from the existing database to new database in a perfect way without any threat of loss. Migration experts with years of experience will work with you to develop a migration strategy that meets both your business needs and data needs.

Oracle golden gate

In simple words, Oracle GoldenGate is an effective data capture tool of application that provides perfect data capture, transformation, routing, and delivery across both homogeneous and heterogeneous businesses systems. It captures transaction from the source database on the basis of online transaction logs. It transforms the data at the intended time and applies the same to the target database in real time. This tool works in bidirectional methods and supports moving thousands of transactions or data per second.

Book your consultation

If you are in need of migrating your data to a better database, then get the best Oracle consulting solutions Journal Square. Consulting services help you a lot in developing a better migration strategy to complete the process in a perfect way.

Enjoy the real easiness and perfection in data migration with Oracle GoldenGate.

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