With proper levels of information coupled with matriculate planning, heart conditions could be kept at bay whereby you can have a healthy pregnancy. Heart medications and pregnancy have a strong correlation. There is a myth that women with heart problems should not be pregnant. What is noteworthy is that heart problems could be managed during pregnancy. In this regard an evaluation would be a good idea to find out whether being pregnant is a good idea or not, but very rarely a heart condition could pose risk during the course of pregnancy. It has to be stated that hormonal changes during the course of pregnancy, does help a compromised heart to work in a better manner.  Women who are prone to high heart risk diseases need to get proper counselling before they are planning to conceive.

Pregnancy does take a toll on your heart

In an ideal situation the heart has to pump 40 times more blood to all the organs of the body. This is during pregnancy and it would mean that it has to work all the more harder. Here the blood vessels dilate to cash in on the increased flow of blood whereby the blood pressure is lowered. The chances of the blood clotting are all the more and this could be nature’s method of protecting a woman from excessive amount of bleeding during the course of pregnancy. In the midst of all this you would need to be aware of the fact that pregnancy is a 9 month roller coaster drive.

Preparing for pregnancy with a heart condition

Heart medications and pregnancy does indicate that it is it possible you plan ahead. In fact seek an expert opinion of your doctor before you are planning to become pregnant. The doctor could refer you to a cardiologist or someone who deals with high risk pregnancies. They would want to figure out on how you are coping with heart condition in your daily life. One of the important criteria to determine a person with a heart condition is whether they are able to perform their routine activities during pregnancy or not. If all the things are proper then there should be no worries in completing your full term of pregnancy. If the daily activity is reduced, a doctor could resort to various rating systems to find out whether a healthy pregnancy is possible or not.

To conclude, there are certain risks to your heart associated with pregnancy. First is a heart murmur, where an extra sound is being heard during the heart beat and this is a common occurrence. Women are known to develop during pregnancy because of the increase in their blood volume. If there is a murmur do talk to your doctor on whether further evaluation is needed or not.

If there is a family history of heart attack then it is strong advised against any form of pregnancy. One of the main reasons could be maternal complication rates increases to a larger level.

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