We all have very busy lives, so the rare opportunity to grab a few minutes or a free afternoon is a special treat. By creating a calm space in our homes where we can read a book, flip through magazines, don a mud mask or simply meditate, we are reminding ourselves of the importance of slowing down and finding some time for essential self-care. 

A reading nook can do this for you. With comfortable, soft seating, an ottoman or foot stool and some of your favourite things, you’ll create a perfect space to catch your breath that is tailored to your unique wants and needs.

Comfy seating

Nothing says comfort like a luxury chair you can just sink into. Ideally, you’ll want a chair that feels amazing to the touch, of the highest quality and with a matching ottoman so you can put your feet up and relax for a while.

Create a space for two

If you prefer to read with company, like a friend or pet, add another soft chair to the corner of your reading nook. Stack with comfortable pillows and include wall art, quotes, and photos that give you warm feelings.

Include a bookshelf

One day you will have a home library to be proud of. For now, if you are working with a small space, such as a window seat, flank the corner of your reading with a built-in bookshelf. Bookshelves next to your reading corner mean your next top book is always ready for that afternoon reading session.

Place your nook in the corner of the bedroom

The reading corner doesn’t need a lot of space, and the ideal place for reading nooks is an empty corner of your bedroom.

Make a place for instant napping

As we mentioned, reading nooks do not have to be solely for reading. This can be your official place to unwind and restore energy, a place where occasional unplanned naps are truly acceptable.

Gallery Wall

When you put your book down, you can let your mind wander, enjoy the scenery around you. Make beautiful scenery to see through the gallery walls that include some of your favourite works, such as vintage signs, old photos, and other treasures that make you smile.

Surround yourself with greenery

Science has long ago proven that plants lift our mood and are good for the soul. By surrounding ourselves with plants our moods improve, and stress is thrown away. The reading corner should be a place where we can properly feel at ease, so why not surround it with a group of houseplants and maybe some palms to create a tropical vibe?

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