It is not uncommon for people to get back from their holidays feeling even more tired and stressed than before they went. After all, not only can certain holidays turn into week-long parties that leave our bodies glad to head back to the easy pace of life back home, but it is also very easy to find that delays or late flights see us getting home completely drained rather than ready to face a new working week.

Long distance holidays can also do the same, and therefore, for those who want to get away for nothing more than to recharge the batteries, straying not too far from home and making sure flight times are at a reasonable hour will both be important.

However, it is also wise to remember that a change is as good as a rest, and in many cases people will come back feeling far more refreshed if they have been on activity holidays than if they have been relaxing on the beach every day.

An active holiday doesn’t have to be one where you are exercising for hours every day, but from skiing and snowboarding to trekking or even just rafting and playing golf, there will be many ways to get active that also help your mind unwind.

Spending numerous days on the beach is more likely to leave you feeling lethargic than refreshed, and therefore by heading away to destinations close to home with plenty going on, you are far more likely to feel like you have truly got away from it all.

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