In order to apply for travel insurance cover in Malaysia, you have to first determine your eligibility. If you are planning family travel, you and your spouse must be Malaysians, work permit holders, or permanent residents of the country. Applicants must be legally employed and between 18 and 70 years old. The children are required to be between one month old and 18 years of age, or 23 years old if they are currently in tertiary education.

Some of the Stipulations

One policy can be purchased for one journey. Also, each trip must start and end in Malaysia and should last no longer than 90 days. If you buy the insurance at least 14 days before your travel date, the insurer can compensate you for irrecoverable travel expenses as the result of cancellation.

Good Protection for Malaysians

Normally, travel insurance participants can select from two travel insurance plans. One policy simply offers extra protection over the other plan. Therefore, travel insurance in Malaysia is a good protection for anyone living in the country who loves to travel or needs to travel because of their job.

Therefore, reimbursement is offered for disruptions, inconveniences, and medical expenses that happen while travelling. When you buy travel insurance online, you can also select from a list of add-on coverages, including the following:

  • Adventurous activities
  • Medical extension
  • Golfer’s cover
  • Personal liability
  • Home content cover
  • Rental car excess cover

Where Cover is Offered and Excluded

Insurance is offered for individual protection, family protection, and extended cover. Usually, in Malaysia, the cover extends to Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Pakistan, as well as all Asian countries, excluding the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. You also cannot obtain cover for travels to Cuba, Iran, the Sudan, the Crimea Region of the Ukraine, and Israel.

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

If you do need to make a travel insurance claim, you can conveniently go online and download and print the claim form. Fill out the relevant sections and attach the associated supporting documents and receipts. The insurer provides an address so you can mail the claim.

The Main Forms of Protection

If you are planning a trip soon, you need to obtain cover, as it can avert financial hardship and stress. Not only do you receive high medical protection when you are overseas, you also receive compensation for inconveniences. For instance, the insurance pays for hospital and medical costs due to an illness or accident. It can also be used to pay for damaged or lost luggage, including personal items and baggage and travel delays.

The Quick Processing of Claims

Quick claims can be facilitated by the expedient and full submission of the necessary paperwork. Again, when you buy the insurance at least 14 days before your trip, you can receive full compensation for irrecoverable travel expenses. These costs may be allocated as the result of a cancellation or a serious illness or injury in your immediate family.

Choose a Plan that Meets with Your Requirements

Because travel insurance in Malaysia features add-on cover and is designed for individuals and families, you can choose a bespoke plan of protection that is designed entirely for your current travel needs.

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