We can make non-identical choices of holiday in Vietnam . Few people like ” sports ” and choose hiking. This practice has individual advantages , including physical activity or observe beautiful landscapes . However, the ” hike ” is a hobby which can not be improvised . We already have a little practiced and we decided to go for the first time , there are some basic rules to follow.

Choose formula of hiking

Vietnam and its reliefs offers many opportunities for hiking in the mountains. This kind of activity allows , easily and with a proper budget, to enjoy nature while discovering the picturesque landscapes.
With friends or with a guide , formulas are numerous. We can make the choice to go trek a few hours on the trails. Where the day , returning every evening in comfortable accommodation . Finally we can go ” in traveling ,” several days or for a week. The accommodation will be in tents or home stay. It goes without saying that a specific preparation and equipment are required.

Clothing and shoes for hiking

Trekking is the essence of this practice, we can’t forget this essential equipment : quality shoes . Whatever the formula of hiking , we would prepare good shoes that keep ankles and grip on all types of terrain : rocks , wet soil, clay, grass … They choose comfortable , waterproof , and not too heavy .

Clothes to wear , or take , should also be carefully selected. In summer, you can hike in shorts , socks, and do not forget the hat and sunglasses. In your bag, put on extra clothing and light pants, a windbreaker or fleece , to compensate for temperature differences, common in the mountains ( around Sa Pa Ha Giang )

In winter, wear a pants and a tailored jacket and gloves, a hat and sunglasses always . In the bag, add a thick jacket. All these accessories can be found in sporting and shoes stores.

The backpack

Essential element for hiking, we will not neglect the choice of our backpack. A bag of 30-40 liters sufficient for a hike of the day. If we assume several days , we will provide a bag of 60-70 liters. It does not serve much to have a very large, it is better to focus on comfort and convenience .

So what do you bring in your backpack ? Here are the key for day hiking : a flashlight and a box of matches if by chance you go out at night , a first aid kit with sunscreen , and a map, a compass , a garbage bag and toilet paper, a knife and clothing cited above. And we will not forget your camera , if you want to keep a souvenir of the typical fauna and flora in mountain .

Nutrition and Hydration

Besides the essential snack if you start the day, we will not forget to pack a few biscuits or fruit ( sugars ) for small ” stops .” Of course, drink a lot and regularly. This allows to recover from spent efforts, and avoid cramps.

Be very careful about the quality of the breakfast and dinner . The latter in particular is an opportunity to recharge your body in carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice … ) , essential to the sport of endurance. We will pay particular attention to your diet if you hike several days to follow.

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