Are you planning to have a vacation from a very long time to a beach island where sea meets the sandy coastline? Who does not like the idea of spending a valuable vacation in a quiet sea beach with family and friends?Baga beach at northern Goa can be your ultimate destination. If the fear of spending a fortune on paying the bills of the posh hotels makes you frightened be assured that hotels at baga beach are ready to cater all strata of people. Often it is thought that Goa is meant for the wealthier class only. But it is a quite wrong idea. It has several beaches which cordially welcome those who are not so affluent, middle class people. Baga beach is one of such destination. There are so many budget hotels which provide quality facilities for tourists.

Baga beach invites you with all magnetism of a great sea beach to lure the travellers. It has broad sandy beaches but the uniqueness of the beach is in some places it is quite rocky as the coastline is located at a foot hill. When most of the hotel at Baga beach in Goa is located near the sea beach some are located in the forestry part of the hilly area. The wide spread beach in the morning becomes narrower with heavy tides which is an eye catching scenario. The hotel at baga beach never deprives its lodgers from this great show of nature from its hotel windows.

If you are planning to visit Goa with a group of your friends and families Baga beach will be your ultimate destination as budget hotels are quite available all over the world. It is a preferred destination spot when one plans the vacation with some tour operators. Of course budget hotels do not mean cheap, filthy holes with no balcony and windows. Though not luxurious this type of hotels offers the basic facilities with a comfortable ambience.

As the native people of the place are quite friendlier there is another staying option. Instead of staying at the hotel one can stay as rental in the houses of the local people who are ready to welcome the most adored guests. These short stay houses offer the basic amenities which are quite affordable to the lodgers. The friendly neighborhood is safe enough for the tourists of any part of the globe.

For the food you do not need to spend your valuable money with the luxury restaurants of the hotels. You can enjoy the cookery of Goa from the shacks near the beach that offer the indigenous food which itself is a unique experience. As the hotel is situated near the beach one can safely spend late nights at the beach enjoying the outstanding picturesque of the sea.

If you love to have a vacation and have to postpone your plan repeatedly as vacationing involves a lot of bucks which often become unaffordable in the current economic situation hotel at baga beach goa assures you with best facilities at an affordable rate. So, Baga beach is a heaven like vacation destination for people from anywhere of the world.

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