Wine was one of the original forms of alcohol to be consumed for pleasurable purposes. It has been a large part of society for thousands of years and has an association with a large amount of significant episodes in history. The modern international wine industry has grown to the extent that it is in some respects incomprehensible in scale.

It is not surprising that with the size of the wine industry there are a number of Exhibitions and trade shows around the world. Below are some of the best: London International Wine Fair – This is one of the largest events on the international events calendar. In fact, it is argued by many that this is the most important event on the calendar. Held during spring time, each year there is a vast variety of both wines and spirits. What makes London wine fair so special is that there is no emphasis on a particular area or region, so you can enjoy wines from around the world.

Entry is limited to trade only, making the fair the perfect environment to make business contacts. Salon Internacional del Vino Fino – This established show held in Uruguay is a great way to experience wines from Latin America. It is also a great way to access products from manufacturers around the world. One of the best features of this show is that tasting sessions are arranged for visitors of a professional nature. This way you can taste the wine for yourself as well as just hearing sales pitches. Miwine, Italy – This trade show specialises in the sectors of wine and spirits and is well established on the international wine calendar.

The show is so successful as it is recognised as being one of the best places to keep up to date with the latest issues in the industry. With Italy being a leading producer of wine, it goes without saying that it is a good opportunity to network with top level producers. Expovinos – Amongst the main features of this wine and cava trade show are the ability to taste the products on display and to take advantage of the conferences and events which occur throughout the event.

It is a good way to expose yourself to the Colombian market and to access top products from this region. Vinitech – This French trade show is the ideal visit for those who seek the latest innovations in the wine industry. It is also a great chance to experience the fine wines produced in France. 

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