It has been noticed that most of time an individual tend to base his decision on price, especially while trying to seek a car rentals to enjoy his trip of Europe. However, it is to be understood that though price is an important thing that does play in the selection of a car rental, there are other factors that needs to be considered. One of the most important things to be considered while seeking European car rental services is the type of car that is desired and other aspects. With proper planning and tips, it is very much possible for the individual to make of his Europe trip.

Factors to consider while hiring rental cars

The number of people, who would be accompanying in the trip, is to be taken into account.

One should understand the type of car they are looking for, its model, etc.

Travelling light is essential to make the most of the trip, since Europe is an interesting place and there are plenty of sight scenes and heritage to visit and enjoy.

Insurance of the car is to be checked along with the other relevant documents.

Understanding age restrictions: The minimum age to rent a car in Europe has been kept 21. Also, maximum age limits could apply by several rental companies. Generally, in Cyprus, Ireland and the U.K., the maximum age limit for availing rental vehicle is 75 years.

Driver’s license: IDP or International Driving Permit is considered to be an official document that is written in about ten languages and serves as an additional to the existing local driving license. It is honored by 150 United Nation member countries. Though, IDP is not required in several European countries, but if traveling to Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, CzechRepublic or Bulgaria, the document is very much necessary. However, by just holding the IDP alone would not give the individual the permission to drive the rented vehicle in these countries. They also require accompanying the IDP with an appropriate driver’s license and passport from the home country, which is valid for 12 months from the rental date.

Crossing the border: If the traveler is planning to visit various European countries, with a rented vehicle, it would be wise for him to have a proper knowledge of every country’s regulations and laws. While visiting a foreign country, the individual is subject to the laws of that country. Therefore, he should be properly equipped along with the other passengers, with all the necessary documents, like the visa, passport, vehicle registration, travel documents, driving permit, cross border fee, etc. Every time a border is reached, the individual would be needed to stop for having the vehicle and the documents to be checked by the concerned authorities.

Most European countries, apart from Ireland and the U.K., drive on right hand side of a road. Several countries here forbid using mobile phones during driving. Car rentals here provide cars having automatic and manual transmission and the rental rates depend accordingly.

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