Most people like to start some sort of fitness regime before they go on holiday to get themselves ready for it, but how many can keep this up when they are on holiday? If this sounds like you, then here are some ideas for how you can stay fit on holiday and still have a good time and enjoy yourself.

According to The Guardian, spending on gym membership in 2015 had increased by 44% compared with 2014. This was down to the increase in the number of gyms that don’t insist on contracts and expensive fees. However what happens when you’re away and can’t go to the gym? There are lots of things you can do as an alternative.

Take an Active Holiday

A great way to stay fit while you are on holiday is to take a trip that involves some sort of exercise. This could mean taking a trip that involves walking or riding a bike. Alternatively, you could make your own version of an active holiday by walking around to go sightseeing or by hiring bikes for days out exploring.

Don’t Eat Everything on Offer

It is all too easy to eat anything we want when we are on holiday, especially with the popularity of all-inclusive packages which allow you to eat as much as you like without ‘paying’ for it. However you might find yourself ‘paying’ for it when you arrive home and realise that you are not in the same shape as you were before you went. The best advice if you want to remain fit on holiday is to have everything in moderation.

Use Your Hotel’s Facilities

Another great way to keep fit while you are away is to make the most of the fitness facilities that are available at your hotel, such as the swimming pool or gym. Most hotels also run classes such as yoga and aqua aerobics. You might even be able to take part in team sports, or perhaps grab the Discount Football Kits and take your family down to the sports hall or the beach for a kick about.

So next time you start to get in shape to prepare for a holiday it is worth considering how you might keep it up once you are there, so you don’t have to start again when you come home.

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