Living in big busy cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris etc., amidst all the tall buildings, roads, cars, trains, tech-gadgets and all the components that make up the modern city life: you can tend to feel alienated from nature. You will not see the sun, get to breath air not filtered by a machine, not get to pure water from springs, and not see the birds, wildlife and nature in itself.

This is the typical lifestyle of a modern city dweller, the bigger and more economically advance the city is, the more alienated from nature the dwellers become. Thus they need to take deliberate steps to get them back to nature and enjoy all the pleasure and entertainments nature has got to offer. They need to go out and engage in activities which will make them appreciate nature.

Experiences Which Brought Me Close to Nature:

Living in big urban cities, there is always too much of artificial environment as compared to natural environment. Thus if you want to experience nature, the following are some suggestion on some experiences I personally underwent that took me closer to nature:

      · Gorge Walking: This experience was adrenaline filled as much as it brought me closer to nature. I walked along very steep-sided gorges which lie along the river. Some of the activities involved were sliding down some rapids, climbing up a cliff beside a waterfall, clinging onto rock surfaces and floating down fast flowing streams or chutes. The best place for this is in Wales, where there are numerous rivers with amazing gorges.

  · Bird watching at Ross Back Sands, Northumberland: Under the right climatic conditions, this bay provides the best places for wintering sea birds. I got to see Red-throated Diver, Long-tailed Duck and Slavonian Grebe and other bird species. It was a 4 mile walk along the sea-side looking out for these amazing birds in the sea.

      · Birmingham Sea Life Centre: Talk of taking the sea into the city, the National Sea life Centre has set up an amazing aquarium with lots of fish in it of various sizes, colors and species. From the dangerous sharks, to the lazy turtle and others which seem to come from the work of creative imaginations. I experienced the most thrills when I walked through the 360 degree tubular tunnel through the ocean and got a good view of Asian otters, Clownfish and Green Sea Turtles.

      · Knowsley Safari Park: This Park has for long been regarded as the best day out in whole of the North West. It is home to 500 amazing mammals ranging from the African Lion, White Rhino, Cape buffalo, Amur Tiger, antelope deer and many more. I took a 5-mile drive through the park, where I was simply dazzled by the sheer beauty of wild nature. This experience brought me close to nature most, due to the sheer number of wild animals, birds even to big rodents such as the capybara.

       · The Scottish Sea life Sanctuary: In my own view, this place has to be the most picturesque place in the whole of Britain having spruce forest on the Loch Creran’s banks. This sanctuary primarily provides home to abandoned grey seal pups. Other than seeing this amazing creature, you also get other interesting things to see as you walk through the meandering paths through the woodland.

These are some of the activities I engaged myself in, while touring what experiences Britain has to offer that can bring me closer to nature. I recommend any city dweller wishing to explore the beauty of nature, to take the journey. Cheap ways of doing this is by using the train to travel to various destinations and use other transportation means to connect to the above named places.

Author Bio: Amy Lawson is a content writer. She is a professional blogger from London and have written many articles on Entertainment, Finance and Health categories. Now she is doing research on esta application etc.

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