The hallway is the very first area of your home that your guests/friends/visitors first see and enter. Needless to say, you will always want this area well organized and furnished with the intention to win praise and appreciation. To achieve this, you need to be very particular about the pieces of furniture that you place in this important area of your home. 

Some of the most suitable and highly functional pieces of furniture for hallway include the following: 

Storage Benches

Placing storage benches made from high strength plywood is a great idea as they provide your guests and visitors with ample neat and clean space to keep their shoes, bags and various other belongings. Storage benches not only provide your visitors with ease of placing their belongings, but also help you save your carpets from getting dirty. Sturdy storage is also very helpful to the elderly ones as they are not able to unlace their shoes in standing position. They can do it by sitting on the storage benches. 

Shelving Units

Depending on the size and space available in your hallway, you can install shelving units. It could be as large as a bookcase or even small one, placed high on the wall having pegs mounted down. A high utility shelving arrangement gives an immediate impression to your guests and visitors of what taste and flavor they are going to experience in your home. 


Whether you go for a narrow chest drawer or a travel trunk one, both are ideal for keeping seasonal outwears and various other accessories that include umbrellas, scarves, gloves, and hats, etc. Chests prove to be highly useful in homes with children, and under the condition of a moderate amount of footfalls. Chests also help you a lot in keeping the hall closet from being messy and cluttered. 

Hall Table

A functional yet decorative hall table is a part and parcel of any hallway. For a hallway that is small in size, opt for a simple table having a lovely and alluring piece of art on it. In case you have a large hall, choosing a table with drawers is a great idea to serve the purpose of functionality and a welcoming effect. 

The endnote 

Based on the suggestions above, you can decide on the things as per your own choices and preferences. But make sure you are getting the best furniture construction material to serve your purpose in a better way. In place of natural solid wood or any other raw material, always choose the best plywood for furniture in India as it scores very heavily over all other materials on every parameter. Plywood comes with 100% lifetime warranty and offers quality, durability, reliability and complete peace of mind for life. 

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