Honda is a brand name in the industry of automobiles that stands for innovative ideas related to anything that makes a car. While it offers every built category of vehicles you know about, it leads the way for the other brands by making some strong statements in respect of design, luxury, performance and performance, only to name a few aspects that come to the mind, whenever you think of modern cars. From those vast categories of vehicles, today we have handpicked the 2019 Honda Insight, which is a small car made to cater the everyday commuters but the design showing loads of futuristic accents.  

In other words, the 2019 Honda Insight show how the small car category models should look like in the near future. In the first instance, the new 2019 Honda Insight as a hybrid sedan combines some of its design aspects from its sibling models Accord and Civic. However, the combination makes it look prettier than both of them, as per the opinions of some visitors we met at the Petaluma Honda dealership showroom.  

Overall, the 2019 Honda Insight seems to earn a wide acceptance as well as accolades from the experts for its impressive rates in the aspects of fuel economy, interior comfort, and safety standards leaving many of its closest rivals behind. 

Shape and Style 

If you take a glance at the 2019 Honda Insight for the first time, it will look awesome with a unique futuristic stance that go extremely well on its small structure. Without foregoing the conventional “compact sedan” look, the 2019 edition of Honda Insight however breathes in a couple of state-of-the-art styling accents that fits it’s modern approach perfectly.  

Mechanisms Under the Hood

Under the hood of every trim of the 2019 Honda Insight you will find a 1.5-liter inline-4 engine backed up with the power of an electric motor. The combo in support of each other makes a decent 151 horsepower by driving on the front wheels exclusively. The aim of Honda for its Insight was not to make it run faster on road, but to ask for fuel less frequently. The EPA rates its range as 55 mpg, in a combined trip of both city and highway speed. The powertrain ensures smooth rides every time you drive a 2019 Honda Insight while the cabin stays calm and quiet through the entire journey.

Inside the Insight

Even if you choose to drive the base LX version of the 2019 Honda Insight, you will be returned the best possible value in terms of comfort features that will be offered to you, leave alone the higher trims like the Insight EX that comes with an 8.0-inch touchscreen integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, a premium cloth upholstered seats, 16-inch wheels, a digital instrument cluster hosting the Honda’s telematics. 

Standards of Safety

Honda officials we met at the Petaluma Honda dealer showroom proudly announce that the 2019 Honda Insight carries a higher safety standard that includes a bevy of active safety features that includes automatic emergency braking, forward-collision warnings with active lane control, and automatic headlights. So, now the 2019 Honda Insight is also a safer car to drive than ever before.

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