If you’re not creating engaging content using Instagram stories yet, you need to catch up and get posting. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what to post: just follow our tips to get you started. Here are four more ideas for creating Instagram stories.

Create Lists

Using lists as part of your Instagram story doesn’t immediately sound particularly interesting, but it’s one tactic that can be a great way of keeping your followers up to date. By creating content that allows followers to tap to access the next screen, you are keeping them interested, especially when surprise content is included. Just ensure that you keep your story related to your brand.


For those who have many followers, this is one idea that may be particularly useful. Give a shout-out to followers who have a high rate of engagement. It may make them feel special and more likely to spread word of your brand. With a billion users, now is the best time to try and expand your reach. You can also mention some of your favourite Instagram accounts and build relationships with other influencer brands.

Keep It Local

If you will be attending a local event, make sure that you utilise location hashtags to help your posts be seen by those in your area. Take advantage of the location stickers, which can also help you reach an invaluable local audience. Services such as London SEO services from Elevate UK may be a better idea if you are looking to gain extra exposure, regardless of your location. Professional SEO services in London can help if you are struggling to build a respectable reach.

Personalise It

If you are still struggling to find the right idea for your brand, you can’t go wrong with creating a vlog. It may be seen as more of a personal tool to use, but businesses have much to gain from bringing their followers into a more personal aspect of their life. Introduce your employees and tour your workspace to let your followers know who you are and what is behind your brand.

Always remember to utilise the features that Instagram offers to its users. Instagram stories can be an excellent tool, but you mustn’t forget the basics of mentions, hashtags and location stickers to receive as much exposure as possible.

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