What kind of screws would be right to use for the next DIY project, this is one prompt question that always popped up in DIY’s head before getting embarked on next DIY project. Well, you have landed at the right place as today we are going to discuss these screws. It is important to choose the proper fastener to carry out your DIY project in the way you intended.

Different Screw For Different DIY Project –

Head Types – Screw comes up having different head types and each type could be used for various purposes. Let’s check out the type of different head types for a different purpose –

  • For Fastening The Simple Joints In Your DIY Project –

Straight/slotted heads type screws are considered the best for fastening the simple joints such as fixing a faceplate.

  • For Electronic Equipment and Woodworking DIY –

Phillips/Cross head screw type is generally used in appliances, other electronic equipment, and woodworking.

  • For Manufacturing, Building And Automotive Materials –

There are some other head types of the screw including Robertson/Square hole, Torx, and Hex head often used in manufacturing, building and automotive materials.

Choosing the right shape of the head makes possible for the screwdriver to exert a desired torque on the screw and drive it safely and securely.

Screw Sizes- Being a DIYer, you need to consider the screw size for your next DIY project as well. Keep in mind the below-mentioned points while buying a screw from the expert like Tradefix Direct to accomplish your project in a great way:

  • What is the length of the screw in inches
  • Do check how close the threads of the screw are together
  • Must check the diameter of the screw shaft

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Brass Screws – Screws come in a various sizes and shapes. 0 or 1 small brass screws are used for fixing decorative hinges. They are flat-head wood screws. Make sure to use right size screwdriver for these screws otherwise a large or mismatch screwdriver will strip out the heads.

Metal Screws v.s Wood Screws –  Sheet metal screws have threads starting from the very top of the screw to the bottom of the screw. Sometimes they are used in wood projects but aren’t made specifically for the use for wood material. On the other hand, a wood screw does not have threads at the very top, which allows it to pull the boards tightly. Drywall screws also don’t have threads at the top and can be used for word material.

Head Shape – Have you ever considered what head shape for your next DIY project would be right? Yes!! Screws come in a variety of shape heads used for different applications. And the most common head shapes are –

  • Flathead Screws To Get Flushed With Surface Easily –

This screw type comes up with a flat top. Because of having a tapered base, this screw gets flushed with the surface easily. Therefore, these screws are generally used in furniture so that screw head can easily be hidden.

  • Pan Head And Oval Head Screws For Sheet Metal DIY Work –

Generally, they both hold rounded sides but having a slight difference. Pan Head comes up with a flat top while oval head holds a rounded top having a tapered base. These both screws are generally used for sheet metal work.

  • Round Head Screws For Too Thin Material Oriented DIY Project –

And these screws hold a half circle having a flat bottom generally used for fastening material which is too thin to allow countersink. It always remains above the surface when driven in.

Make sure what the type of your DIY project exactly is so that you can choose the screw accordingly. Do not go with wrong screw type, size and shape otherwise you would not get the most out of your DIY project. Do consider the above-mentioned guide to come up with the best results.

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