If you want to give your home a refreshing and calming outlook then decorate your house with green. It’s an easy and accessible color to incorporate in various accessories, ornaments, furniture, walls, curtains and floors, as well as several decorative items. The best feature of this reviving color is its diversity as it has numerous shades that could easily be fused in different elements. But the color scheme must go with the ambiance, theme and style of your house. Decorating your home with hues of green would surely give your house a serene and refreshing look. By following the certain ideas you can successfully decorate your house in green along with a unified and elegant look.

Decorate your bedroom with green by placing grassy lush green eiderdown, pillows, and bright green arm chair in all white bed room. Choosing white color for walls not only gives your bedroom a spacious look but would also successfully highlight the shades of green. Place a white lamp on light green side table, white and green stripped soft rug and white and green wall hangings to give your bedroom an elegant and refreshing look.

Place leaf green and emerald green sofa set in your living room, cushions must be in both colors to create an amazing clash of shades as it would give your living room an artistic look. To give your living room a fresh spring green look stick to the shade of green as far as walls are concern, moreover place an abstract art canvas print on the walls with the shades of green in it. Put green glass center piece on the wooden center table to unify the look of the room.

Give your dining room a splash of green by choosing dining chairs with fresh coat of olive green paint along with bright white dining table and white and green stepped cushions on the chair to bring the theme of the dining room together. Putting a vase full of fresh green plants on the dining table will enhance the refreshing look of the dining room. Try to choose white wall paint and white window treatment to highlight the shades of green.

Choose the color combination of sea green and white in your kitchen to give it a coastal look. Use white color for backsplash, walls, windows, and cabinetry while try to choose green elegant kitchen furniture, items and decorative features to give your kitchen a spacious and airy look.

Hallway is an essential place in the house and it could become a link between the inside and the outside. So choose different light tones of green for paneling, console, hanging lamps, glass vessel and flooring. Even with this abundance the green will give a calming effect.

You can further enhance the delicacy of your house by employing nature inspired digital canvas printing on your wall that would entirely convert your gloomy and tedious walls into something vibrant and vivacious.

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