Garages are often thought of as cold, damp, dusty places. Places where old long forgotten toys and boxes of spare cable and odd remote controls are kept. More like a glorified shed than anything else. This is particularly true when you are not in the habit of keeping your car in your garage and it is surprising how many people don’t. However, if they are properly finished they can be astonishingly useful, and a very pleasant addition to your home.

Garage walls

The interior walls of your garage are a good place to start as they are the most prominent aspect of the garage. It is also quite simple to carry out. If you have a bare brick wall you could nail pegboard as a quick fix. For something a little more finished attach plasterboard using screws, and then use joint compound to smooth the adjoining edges between the boards. A quick lick of mould and mildew resistant paint will finish it off nicely

Garage ceiling

If you want to make your garage a pleasant place to be, perhaps to be used as a workshop, then it is worth insulating the ceiling. Insulating material can be bought in rolls that are cut to size, or alternatively, you could employ a specialist to apply spray insulation. Plasterboard can then be put up over the insulation to complete the look.

Garage floor

Outdoor carpeting can be used as a temporary measure. For something more permanent you will need a hard-wearing surface, such as an epoxy coating.

Storage options

Many people seek better storage, but the best storage is that which is well organised and accessible. Your garage can be the perfect spot. You may want to consider garage racking systems which are a made to measure shelving system, You may even stretch to installing stand-alone cabinets on wheels, tables or worktops.

A garage that has been properly finished inside can appear bigger. It can also reduce your maintenance and energy costs, and ensure that anything that is stored there will last longer.

It is unlikely that you will need any building permission to finish the interior of a garage but it may be worthwhile checking this out with your local authority planning department before you start any works.

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