Carved wood panels can be used throughout our homes for a great number of reasons – purely for decoration, to style a door or around a photo frame for example. Perhaps one of the nicest things about carved wood panels is the fact that they come in all sorts of styles which means whatever you are looking for you should be able to find something that suits.

The square pattern design is one of the most popular which is based unsurprisingly on a square shape made up of two lines; two diagonals and two diameters, which join at the centre of the opposite sides. The design of these make up square panels once the lines bisect each other and form a star shape. However the panels themselves can be designed in all sorts of ways including styles influenced from historic times such as the Renaissance.

The star pattern is also a popular choice especially those looking for Arabian influenced decor throughout their home. The style and design is relatively simple which is why it works for so many people who want carved wood panels without going too over the top.

Of course if you don’t want anything as straight edged as the star or the square pattern then your choice for carved wood panels could be a circular pattern. This is usually complemented with an enlarged rosette design and is popular for those looking to form a separation of sections on a wall or ceiling.

This is just a very basic look at the some of the different styles that you can go for. Even within these popular patterns there are different choices you can go for including which era you would like your carved wood panels to be influenced by.

If you find a retailer that offers these then you will usually find that they have different samples and examples to show you, so that you can get an idea of what is on offer, what you like the look of and what is going to suit the decor style that you are going for within your home.

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