If you have a small family and you are looking for building a place of dwelling, then you should invest in a granny flat. Designed for a family of 2-3 person, this is a perfect place for dwelling.  It is called as granny flat because it is a great way to accommodate aging parents. You can attach or detach this structure. It is very important to follow the granny flat floor plans while designing and structuring them so that it is equipped with all the amenities that you would require in a house. The granny flat floor plan is advantageous to the builders as well as the dwellers. The structural form of this floor plan is very flexible. With the structure granny flat floor plan in hand, it becomes easy to forecast the final look of the house. There are a huge number of design options available in the market for homeowners, but many of them can hardly match the flexibility of a granny flat design. This floor plan type helps in increasing the homeowner’s property in an easy and efficient way. The process of implementing this floor plan is unique and is maximum homeowners have started liking it and hence using it while building their property. There are agencies who offer to prepare granny flat floor plans for their client and one can avail their free consultation services to know about this plan in details. Granny flat floor plans plan acts as a bonus for one’s dwelling unit. It helps one to separate out some extra space as guest space or even help one to gain some rental income in a passive manner.

The top three most popular and implemented granny flat floor plans that are presently famous in the market are as follows: 

The accessory attached dwelling unit

If you have a large extra space, then you can convert it into an Attached Dwelling Unit or ADU. It has a separate floor and you can add a staircase to the same to make your place look more versatile and at the same time it also adds value to your place. However, make sure that you the right granny flat floor plans for an attached dwelling unit, so that space can be utilized optimally. You can also use this space for the long term as well as short term rental area rather than just being used as a guest room. The versatility of the space increases with the help of this floor plan.

The Detached Dwelling Unit

Most of the time, we are left wondering about what to do with that extra space in your backyard. Well, you can convert it into a small lounging area or create a rental space by adding Detached dwelling unit. The versatility of this design is that you can use it as a place to live or rent it out. Ask your architect to come up with the right granny flat floor plans for the yard. This design will undertake all the available space in your yard and create some staggering design 

The conversion of the garage

The conversion of the garage is the most popular, efficient and easiest way in which granny flat floor design plan works. Rather than filling up the garage with unwanted things one can use this granny plan to turn it into a living area, a guest room or a rental space or any other extra area for short or long-time use.

Final wordIt is always good to add value to your place, with the right  granny flat floor plans you can instantly spruce up the look of your place while creating a separate space for living. Irrespective of what and where space is granny flat floor design makes  area functional in any way or the other. This is the reason why people in the modern times are preferring this design plan for their homes.

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