Child safety can’t be next to any other priorities, especially when it comes to driving. For this, several auto manufacturers are working day and night to come up with a full-proof solution. But till now, there are only few. Among these, come the booster seats that are made for the child when they cross the age of infants, and can’t fit into a car seat any longer. These booster seats are for the children of the age group 5 to 10, who aren’t big enough to be sitting with the adult seat belts on. 

If you have children in your family who fall within this age group, do consider buying these seats as this is the most dangerous age to fall as the worst victim, if any collision takes place, when the children are on board. 

If you want to know more of these seats, and their usage, here is a brief note on them that we got to know in details when we visited one of the auto shops of the Fontana Mazda dealership. 

For Whom

Kids who are shorter in height than 4’9″, for them the shoulder seat belt becomes not only an inconvenient obstacle but can lead to serious injuries if there is a serious jerk during a collision, as the belt will come across the neck and the lap belt will cross the abdomen.

To avoid such misfortunes, booster seats are strongly recommended by the auto safety experts. 

How to Use

While using a booster seat is so advantageous, installing it the wrong way can be even more disastrous. So, here’s the right way to do it.  

Choose a booster seat that fits perfectly to the child and he feels comfortable sitting on it. So always take your child along and make them sit on the seats to ensure a right purchase. 

Make sure to check if it fits perfectly in the rear seat, before you make the purchase. 

Remember to register yourself with the manufacturer of booster seat as a new user, for any further assistance related to its malfunctioning.

Before you start installing the booster seat, pull out the entire stretch of the seatbelt to its end and lock it.

It’s very important to see that the booster seat gets installed in the most secure manner and it should fit in snugly, without any scope for wiggling or loose movements. Now you need to push the seat hard to let it sit down and to the edge of the back of the seat to give it the maximum grip. 

Now read all the instructions carefully that are given on its manual and implement each of them with minute details. Look for all other accessories like latches, clips or anything else that are given to ensure the right installation methodology.

Final Thoughts

At the auto accessory shop of the Fontana Mazda dealer, we got to know that most car users take the use of booster seats to be unnecessary and inconvenient. But in reality, it is an investment that you make before anything happens, as a protective shield for your child. It is following the simple ideology of better be safe than sorry.

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