Hiring an electrician is a tricky business because a lot can go wrong if you don’t hire the right one. Electricity faults are common and it can cause of lot of damage to the property. It can destroy a home in a matter of seconds. An efficient and proficient domestic electrician knows how to properly wire a home, keeping your comfort and your security as his utmost priority.

Since it is a messy and tough job, you should always ensure you are working with or collaborating with someone who is experienced enough and knows how to get things done according to your plans. There are a few questions that you need to ask an electrician before you can set your mind on hiring him. These questions are like guidelines and the answers are the deciding factors.

Important Questions You Need the Ask


Some of the most important questions you should always ask the domestic electricians, are mentioned below in detail.

1) If he has license or not- Among the list of questionnaires, the enquiry for a license and credential comes at the top. This is indispensable and cannot be overlooked no matter what the circumstance is. The license is verification and the credentials are certifications of the legitimacy of his work and his presence in the line of work. If the domestic electrician is a part of a company then the details and permit need to be gathered before he can be hired. Reliability starts from trust and license and credentials is the first step towards it. It is a security measure so that you know where to go to and who to contact in the case of any kind of emergency or faulty service. Therefore, checking for a license is absolutely essential.

2) Experience and field of work – Every electrician has a speciality and a field of work where they excel the most. A domestic electrician who is specialized in the field of work that you are looking for will help you in the long run because that makes them efficient and the entire plan easy for them to comprehend. Experience matters a lot since dealing with electricity is no child’s play. The wiring needs to be done correctly and the routing has to be perfect so as to maintain absolute security.

3) Liability insurance- This is a measure to help you protect yourself, your family and your home from unwanted damage and accidents. Liability insurance covers for all the accidents and mistakes that the domestic electrician may make. If the electrician you hire does not have liability insurance then you have to burn a hole in your pocket and pay for the expenses yourself since they are not covered.

4) Rate- Different electricians have their different ways of charging. Some charge on the basis of the entire project while others choose to get paid hourly (hourly wages).

5) Warranty for services and products- If the electrician you have hired is involved with a company or is a worker of some company then you have the benefit of claiming your warranty services in case something goes wrong.

6) Who will be working- This is another important question. There needs to be a clarity regarding who will be doing the work – the electrician himself or the people working under him.

7) Providing of references- If you are allowed to see a work in progress then that is the best. However, references are important in case you cannot , still ground has to be cleared up before you can hire him.

Therefore, those were some of the basic yet important questions you need to ask a domestic electrician before you can hire him for his services.

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