If you love to travel and always look for the fun side of every tour you go to, then you must at least once in life go for a Private tour in Hong Kong. You must have visited so many cities in the world and got awestruck by their beauty, but in Hong Kong, you will reach a peak of it. Starting from the high rise buildings to all the breathtaking experiences will never fail to mesmerize you.

You can never have enough of the dim sum, trek to the peaks, getting lost in the fishing village, all will make your holiday a good one. Thus, if you are still planning to venture to this place, we have listed some amazing things you can do in Hong Kong for your convenience.

The hike to Victoria peak

This you must have seen in the postcards of Hong Kong and this peak is very popular for every tourist. From the top, you will get to experience the Kowloon and other islands, and to reach here you can also get a tram. The top stays crowded most of the time, so to avoid the same you can start the hike at the early morning time, and you will be able to reach a peak in 45 minutes. Once you reach there you can follow the circle walk to get the view of the Hong Kong Island. After you have finished the viewing, you can come back by taking the tram.

The big Buddha

This is also called the Tian Tian Buddha or the big Buddha, and this is the largest one in the world, also the visitors have to climb 268 steps to get a full view of the statue. This is one of the noteworthy things to visit in Hong Kong, and from here you can ride the Skyrail cable car.

The traditional junk boat ride

You can book a harbor ride in this traditional junk boat and you will be able to enjoy the high-rises of Hong Kong. These boats were used for fishing in the old days and there are only a few of them left and you can enjoy a ride on it. Once you board you will get free alcoholic drinks.

Temple street night market

If you love marketing then this is the place you must visit while touring in Hong Kong. The stalls here set up after the sun goes down and from here you will get so many things, like, watches, fans, electronic gadgets, paintings, and so many things. You must not miss the roadside karaoke or the fortune tellers.

Get the dim sum

Hong Kong will stay incomplete if you don’t try dim sum in here. You can bring your family and friends in a good restaurant and enjoy the pleasant tea and the dim sum. You will get dumplings on tofu, chicken feet, rice noodles and all in bamboo steamer baskets. One bite into this heavenly food and you will want to order more.

Visit Lan Kwai Fong

This is the street for the locals and the tourists, and you can experience the vast crowd of drinkers, and choose any restaurant to have a good dinner from this place. The Lan Kwai gets more amazing at the time of Halloween and other festivals.

Taste the tea

Hong Kong has been under the British colonial and from that the tea from here is always famous. There are so many lavish shops from where you can enjoy an afternoon and with that, some delicious sandwiches, pastries, and the tea will be served to you in silver plates.

Visit the 10,000 Buddhas monastery

This place has 10,000 gilded Buddha statues, and all of them are unique. You will find 431 steps that lead up to the statues, and all are worthy of taking so many pictures.

Drink at Old man

This is a famous place to get amazing drinks and this can be visited with your friends. This place will serve you all the innovative types of drinks and this is one of the best bars in the entire world. You will get a perfect service here as well.

Take note of these 9 amazing things to do in Hong Kong, and you will be able to have a tour mixed with fun and pleasure. You will also have the best experience with foods and the various places, which will make this tour all worthwhile.

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