Bangkok is one of the most populous cities in the world. If you are moving to Bangkok for the long run, it’s recommended that you think about renting an apartment. However, renting an apartment in Bangkok isn’t going to be easy. There are many areas which are costly, and while the rates decrease as you move farther away from the city center, many people find it difficult to navigate on a daily basis in the busy traffic. If you are going to move to an apartment in Bangkok, there are many things that you should know. Here are some key things that you should know about moving to an apartment in Bangkok.

How Much Rent Can You Afford to Pay?

One of the first things that you need to do is figure out how much rent you can afford to pay. This is important before you even approach a real estate agent. You need to figure out the amount that you can afford to fork out each month. Keep in mind that the base rent does not include additional utilities such as electricity and gas in most cases. On top of that, there are other expenses you will need to worry about, such as maintenance and general repairs and upkeep. You have to figure this important part out before you make a decision.

Check Online

You can search for local apartments online in Bangkok before making a decision. If you are searching for an apartment for rent in Bangkok monthly, you can just search for a few options online. If you don’t find anything of note, you should then consider visiting a local real estate agent. One important thing that you should know about hiring a real estate agent is the fact that they are going to charge you a small commission. Usually, the amount of commission is equal to one month’s rent, so you have to make sure that you have the advance available.

Schedule Visits

More importantly, you need to narrow down your options and schedule a few visits to different apartments. You have to see the apartment in person, instead of relying on the pictures. You need to make sure that you schedule visits at convenient times so that you can check the place out on your own and determine whether it’s suitable or not. It’s recommended that you take your time and visit as many properties as you can before making a decision. Check for the water supply and any other amenities, and also consider the location of the place. Is it close to your place of work? Is it suitable for the number of family members that you are moving with? You have to make sure that you take everything into account before you decide to rent the place.

Signing the Contract

Once everything is in order, you can then sign the contract with the other party. You will have to give post-dated cheques to confirm the transaction and get possession of the property.

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