When you are planning a new ventilation system for your domestic or industrial property, there are three types of ducting which you will consider. Flexible ducting, rigid and semi-rigid ducting can all be used to provide fresh air and remove fumes from your home or workplace.

Flexible Ducting

Made from PVC, polyurethane, silicone and aluminium, flexible ducting will often be used when space is tight or there are awkward corners to move around in the installation space.

There is a limit to how many bends a flexible ducting system can take, and the expandable length should always be pulled taut when installed to ensure the least possible internal resistance.

Insulation is important in unheated areas, with insulated flexible duct available to minimise condensation developing inside the duct.

PVC ducting is often the cheapest solution and is used in a lot of general ventilation applications such as in cooker hoods. PVC-coated aluminium ducting gives corrosion protection and is used in kitchen fans and extractors.

Rigid Ducting

Plastic and expanded polypropylene are the most common materials for rigid ducting, which is often used in larger ducting systems but is suitable for most installations.

Rigid ducting is particularly important where ducting passes outside or through unheated areas and can offer anti-static protection and flame-retardant properties.

Semi-Rigid Ducting

Often seen as the best type of ventilation ducting, semi-rigid gives zero leakage and is often 70% quicker to install than other ducting systems.

Maintenance is also easier because many semi-rigid ducting systems have anti-static and antibacterial linings.

Ducting Maintenance

Once any ducting system has been installed, cleaning is an important way to maintain the ventilation system. New guidance on cleaning materials after extensive testing by duct and fire bodies has been issued, according to H&V News.

Replacement of worn ducting can also prolong the life of your ventilation system, although the effectiveness of the entire system can be compromised by taking out parts and forming too many joins. Whatever you requirement, whether it is for an entirely new installation or rejuvenation of an existing system, talk to your suppliers for advice and expertise when choosing the right type of ducting.

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