The one thing just about everyone would like more of in their home is space. No matter how small or large your home is, your furniture and possessions seem to accumulate to fill the available space.

The tips below will free up space, but there are also some clever ways you can make your room feel bigger, according to Buzzfeed. Painting walls and ceilings in light colours, for example, reflects light and makes your space seem larger.

If simply feeling you have more space isn’t enough, and you actually want that extra floor or wall space, here are some simple ways in which you can create a little more space in your home.

Rearrange your furniture

Shifting a sofa a couple of feet to the left or pushing the dining table nearer to the wall can free up more space instantly and costs absolutely nothing. Take an objective look at your room layouts to see if there is any room for improvement.

Add built-in storage

This is a great way to free up space currently used for storing items that are rarely used. Built-in storage can be customised to fit the items you need to store, and it’s often possible to tuck it away in alcoves, under the stairs or in other awkward spaces that you don’t make the most of.

Replace bulky radiator covers

Traditional radiators can take up a lot of space, and if you have added radiator covers to disguise unsightly fixtures, you’re losing even more space. Compact, stylish designs such as column radiators are a great way to ensure you still get efficient heating but free up valuable wall and floor space. The beauty of column radiators is that they are attractive to look at, meaning you can ditch those bulky covers.

Choose compact furniture designs

When in the market for a new sofa or armchair, look at how much floor space the piece takes up compared to the seating area it provides. Compact designs, such as those popular in stylish European homes, often take up far less floor space, yet offer the same seating space. Similarly, an extending dining table takes up very little space when not fully extended, but will open up to seat guests when you need more room.

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