At this time of year, many aspects of our home need maintenance and care, and your windows are no exception. Double glazed windows are notoriously hardwearing, but they do have a life span and can be prone to damage over time.

An article published by Ask Jeff suggests that the average life expectancy of a double glazed window is around 20 years, but if you notice any of the following signs occurring before then, it could be a sign that your windows are failing or damaged in some way. In order to protect your home, it is important to take action if you notice any of these signs.

Water leaks

You may notice water leaking in through the seals or panes on your windows. This is usually down to a failure with the drainage system or the weather seals between the panes. In any case, this issue needs to be resolved quickly as water entering the home won’t only cause draughts and damp; it can also damage the plaster surrounding the windows. It may be possible to repair or replace the current seals in some cases, but it might be time to consider an upgrade if your windows are older.

Cracks and holes

Cracks, holes and scratches can happen due to wear and tear. Sometimes a crack or a hole in your system can be purely cosmetic. Depending on the severity of it, however, a repair or replacement can be required as deep cracks and holes are apt to let in draughts and water. Companies supplying Dublin windows and doors suggest contacting a professional to assess the severity of the damage to see if it can be patched up.


Condensation occurs when a vapour or gas changes into a liquid on a surface – usually glass – when the temperature changes. If you notice condensation on your windows, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are failing. It could be an issue related to the humidity and ventilation within the room and might be remedied by something as simple as a dehumidifier. However, condensation between the panes of your double glazing does indicate a serious issue with leaks in the seals and cavities between the glass. This issue can be tricky to repair and often results in a replacement.

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