Obesity is a growing problem and in our generation, we look for shortcuts to get into shape quickly. The raspberry ketone is something that people have suddenly found new interest in as a weight loss supplement but still are not very sure about it. Here, the ketone plays the role of an oral supplement which helps you to lose weight. The ketone acts like a burner of fat. When one exercises on a regular basis, they are sure to lose a couple of pounds with the help of this raspberry ketone. Many people are resorting to such measures to reduce weight quickly and it is helping them. We take a closer look to separate fact from fiction.

I’m interested; could you tell me more about this ketone?

The raspberry ketone as we know it is also called rheoism. This has been used in the perfumery industry for ages now given that its smell is exotic and really strong. The ketone has been used for a while now for attracting insects too. The ketone is very expensive and comes at a price tag of $20,000 per kilogram. Here, one must keep in mind that this ketone isn’t actually found in raspberries in great quantities. Instead it is mostly found in apple, peaches and rhubarb.   Some even find that maple and yew barks have obtained good quantities of this compound. The compound is obtained through chemical process under microbial action and is thought of to be a naturally obtained compound. Chemically the raspberry ketone is known as 4-(4′-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanone.

Additional information about the ketone

The substance is structurally identical to that of another dietary supplement by the name of Synephrine. This supplement is also used in weight loss but was later banned by the FDA for it caused cardiovascular toxicity cases. Capsaicin is another compound which holds the same similarities in structure like the raspberry ketone. This too contributed to cardiovascular toxicity.

So how will this ketone help me lose my weight?

Here, not much research has been done on the raspberry ketone. In fact researchers have pointed out that only 1 in two mice are found to have lost weight. There isn’t any great study done on humans. When the mice are given a good carbohydrate rich diet with fat along with a daily dose of the ketone, they didn’t put on weight nor did their liver weight increase. This shows that the norepinephrine inside the white adipocytes creates lipolysis. Here, no such side-effects came to notice even when the rats were fed 100 mg of the ketone. The raspberry ketone is also said to have boosted the production of adiponectin. This promotes faster lipid metabolism and regulates one’s weight.

Are there any other benefits of this weight loss wonder?

Researchers have successfully proven that the raspberry ketone can prevent non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in the body. Here, one’s body is safeguarded from insulin growth factors. The raspberry ketone has an anti-inflammatory and antimealongenic properties. When the research was done one a small group of humans it was found that the ketone could promote hair growth and makes the skin look more elastic.

So should one assume that it is safe?

Here it is obvious that the ketone will flood and continue to flood the markets. The safety of it is still unknown and one can’t be too sure of this oral supplement. The chemical is structurally very similar to capsaicin and has given reasons for concern when it comes to a cardiovascular toxicity side-effect. If someone is suffering from hypertension, then it is best for them to not take this supplement. It is important for one to purchase such supplements form reputed brands and stores. Make sure that the bottle has been manufactured in the US and is not from China.

Another precaution one must take is that, they should know who they are doing business with. The market is alive with so many scams and rings, making a fool out of innocent people’s desperation.

Given the safety is still unknown, the ketone is flooding the markets everywhere. Here the oral raspberry supplement is still The efficiency of this ketone is still not well understood. Here it is still tough to say whether one should or shouldn’t take the supplement.

For one’s own safety, they must consult a practising doctor for advice on such weight reduction supplements before taking consuming it.

At the end of the day, the decision is a personal choice and one cannot say whether it is advisable. Here, many thousands have taken it and are satisfied with the results.

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