This is the time of year where we all like to nip to the travel agents before trawling through holiday brochures for hours on end. We picture ourselves sunbathing on white sandy beaches, taking a dip in the cooling waters of a swimming pool, and whiling away the hours in a chic pavement cafe. Yet if you have a niggling doubt about the completeness of these images, you’re not alone; we all want to look our best for our summer escapades.

The inevitable passing of time takes its toll on our bodies each and every year. We begin to lose our youthful radiance and then for evermore we are attempting to banish those pesky wrinkles. On top of this we have the short days and seasonal indulgence of winter to contend with, so it’s hardly surprising that we aren’t really feeling our best. So what can we do to make our summer daydreams a reality and be truly happy with our bodies?

Exercise more

One of the simplest things you can do for yourself is to begin to exercise, or improve any work you might have already started. Signing up for an organised event – whether a run, swim or walk – can provide just the inspiration you need to keep at it. Don’t get too frustrated if you don’t immediately excel, you’ll likely find that you improve naturally over time.

Benefits: Cardiovascular activities can be beneficial for your lungs and heart, and you might find that burning calories has a positive effect on your weight too.

Eat better

In line with more exercise, you might also like to watch what you eat. This doesn’t necessarily mean dabbling in fad diets, but just being aware of what your meals are made of, and how much you are eating. If you find yourself snacking throughout the day, you might want to have something more substantial for breakfast such as oats. If you can’t resist a snack or two, try and substitute your chocolate biscuits for raisins or a piece of fruit.

Benefits: Certain foods are said to have benefits for our vital organs, including our skin. You might notice a positive effect on your waistline, as well as your hair and nails.

Rewind the clock

Now that you’re on track to a more positive outlook on yourself, you might choose to turn back the years with a specialist skin treatment. Television programmes such as 10 Years Younger commonly feature people just like you and I who need a little bit of extra help to get back that final bit of body confidence. London clinic Clinicbe understands this and provides individual advice on top of their most popular treatments (botox and fillers) in order to give customers a more holistic service.

Benefits: There are various skin treatments available, and each can target a certain element, whether it’s acne, wrinkles or age spots. Overall, these treatments are performed to provide a fresher, more youthful complexion and a corresponding rise in self- confidence.

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