klThose who wish to get paid to see the world will often find themselves gravitating towards nannying positions, and for good reason. The pay can be quite substantial, particularly in countries such as Russia, whilst the ability to integrate oneself in a new culture at little expense and with the safety blanket of a family there to help makes nanny jobs extremely attractive, and as suitable for intrepid explorers as they are for those who have never been out of their own home town.

However, whilst choosing the right nanny agency will be a very good start for those looking for nanny jobs overseas, there are still many mistakes that those new to the job can make, and understanding the most common of these in advance will no doubt help individuals to avoid marring their first experience of being a nanny.

 Whilst the right nanny agency will help you to get everything in place before you go, offering help and guidance on everything from qualifications that may help you get ahead as a nanny to ensuring that visas are sorted effectively and in plenty of time, there are still those who will start work without a contract. It is important to have a contract in place before work starts to ensure that both sides are fully aware of what the other expects. From what accommodation and remuneration will be offered to what roles the nanny will be expected to carry out, each and every job will be very different and therefore it will be important that both are totally happy with an arrangement far in advance of a nanny’s first day on the job.

 One of the biggest issues facing those carrying out child care jobs abroad is isolation. It is important that individuals have a good support network on hand and have plenty of time to unwind. Whilst they may be expected to work long hours and carry out a diverse range of tasks, ensuring that one has time to enjoy themselves as well as to socialise will be vital for those undertaking such a role in a foreign country. It will also be extremely important for a nanny to address any problems as they arise to ensure that something small doesn’t become a major issue, especially when they are in a country whose culture they are not yet used to.

 Finally, it is important that anyone undertaking a nanny role abroad does not let themselves get taken for granted. Setting boundaries early on is vital to ensure that an employer knows exactly what individuals will and won’t do. Constantly agreeing to carry out tasks above and beyond one’s call of duty may seem like a great way to get into an employer’s good books, but if this becomes a general expectation it will be far harder to say no in the future. There must be compromise, but a nanny must ensure that they give only a little so that, over time, they don’t end up overworked or frustrated at the situation they find themselves in.

 Becoming a nanny is bound to be rewarding in many different ways. And the more prepared a nanny is for their first job, the more rewarding it will be.

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