Unlike 20 years ago, it is now seen as being something of a rite of passage to leave the trappings of home to move to a new city and start a new life with a new job.

Naturally, this can be a very exciting time: big city, fresh start, new job, etc. However, once the excitement of it all wears off, things can start to look a little bit different. In fact, a person who has moved to a new city where they know very few people can soon start to feel a bit lonely. After all, people at work often have their own little cliques and people from home aren’t going to come and visit every weekend.

Certainly, being in a buzzing city without having anyone to meet up with after work or at the weekend can be somewhat disheartening after a while.Happily, there is now an easy way for urbanites in newly-adopted cities all across the UK to enjoy a great social life and make new friends.

CitySocialising is a unique website which enables people who are new to an area to share their interests online with others in their local area, before they meet up with them at social groups offline. Whether those interests are watching films, writing, outdoor activities or simply enjoying a pint, CitySocialising can help to bring urbanites of all kinds together to enjoy a far more enjoyable social life.


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